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A Fiery Flying Rollrji. 


Word from the Lord to all the Great Ones 

ofthe Earth, whom this may concerne : Being the 

laft Wa RNiNG Pi ECE"'at thedreadfiilldayof 


For now the L o r b is come 
Ti In forme ^ 

^°i3 charge >tne Great One;. 

^.4 ^'udgeandfentcnctj 

As alfo moft compaflionately informing, and nioft lo- 
vingly and pathetically auviiing and warning Lohccn, 

With a terrible Word, and fatall Blow from the Lord, '^^ 
upon the Gathered Churches. ^^ 

And all by his Mod Excellent M a j e s t y, d vvellifl^-^ 
in 5 and fhining through 
Ail X ILIUM P AT K IS^ '^ aHa?, Ccf^t^. 

With another Flying Roll enfuing ( to all th.e Inhabi- 
tants of the Earth. ) The Contents of both follQi^'ing. 

Ifa. 2;.5/, The Lord of Hofis (ii) fiaim>:(r^he pride of all gh;j ^ n-'idbrina* 
iiig t;:to contonpt all the honourable (perfons andthi-'rs) of the Liinh: 

LorJ.on^ London, hoW '\XoHld I gathe'r thee, at a he/i g.-thererh her chickcm 
urJxr her "^ings, (^c. 

KfjoW' tJ:c:i (i;j thisthj day) the things that belong to thy Tc-xc 

1 l^:c'.V thi bUJpl.en.'j of them W'hich fay thej are feWes, audare >:cr, bu, 
the Sy>:A^ cnie of, Rev. 2.9. * jf g^ . ^_.. t^ /^g 

Imprinted at io?;.to;?, in the beginning of that notable day, wherein the 

fecrecs of all hearts are laid open ; and wherein the worft and fouleft of 

villijii^jj p.:c difcoveredj-undcr the bcft and faircft outlidcs. 1 649. 

Queen's University 


^PQcial Coll, 

Professor J. A. W. Gunn, 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada 




Published by The Rota at the University of Exeter 

Printed in Great Britain hy 

The Scalar Press Litiiited 

Menston, Yorkshire, England 


A fiery flying roll by Auxilium Patris, alias Abiezer Coppe (1619-72) 
appeared, both parts together, on 4 January 1649/50. Coppe, who had 
drifted during the 1640s into and out of presbyterianism and anabaptism, 
was at this time something of 'a ringleader' among the ranters, an 
amorphous group of sectarians. Confident that God had his being no- 
where else but in all material things and creatures, ranters came in varying 
degrees to radicahsm in politics and social issues, including, notoriously, 
sexual relations. Coppe himself deplored the mere 'sword-levelling' of 
Lilburne and the 'digging-levelling' of Winstanley, upon whose defeats 
at Burford and George's Hill, the ranters blazed into brief pubhcity 
(e.g., pp. 2, 4, 6). For Coppe God himself was 'that mighty Leveller . . . 
comming (yea even at the doores) to Levell in good earnest, to Levell to 
some purpose, to Levell with a witnesse. . . .' (p. 2). Coppe had heard all 
about it from a voice urging him to 'go up to London, to London, that great 
City, write write, write.' {Preface). A fiery flying roll is his response, setting 
out in vivid language a view of the intercourse between men and God as 
'perfect freedome, and pure Libertinisme' (p. i). These claims, coupled 
with Coppe's ecstatic behaviour, led to a Commons order of i February 
1649/50 for searching out and destroying his tract (C. J. vi, p. 365; B. M., 
E. 669. f. 15(10) ). The next two years saw a fierce pro- and anti-ranter 
campaign in the press, producing nearly 50 items. (See the list in A. L. 
Morton, The world of the ranters (London, 1970), pp. 1 13-14.) The act of 
9 August 1650 (cap. 22; H. Scobell, Acts and ordinances, (London, 1657), 
pt. ii, pp. 124-6) for the punishment of 'atheistical, blasphemous and 
execrable opinions' was directed chiefly at ranters. On 11 July 1651, 
Coppe's A return to the ways of truth (B. M., E. 637. (4); Wing, C6090) 
withdrew some of his earlier opinions. Little is known of him in the next 
few years apart from a meeting with George Fox in 1655. At the Restora- 
tion Coppe setded as 'Dr Higham' in Surrey, where he practised physic, 
(like that other stranded radical, William Walwyn). He died in 1672, 
worn out, says Anthony Wood in a hostile account of this wayward 
Merton man, 'by certain infirmities which he had contracted in his 
rambles by drinking and whoring'. {Athenae Oxonienses, (London, 1691-2) 
ii, col. 367). 

For a background to ranter theology see N. Cohn, The pursuit of the 
millenium, (London, 1957). A. L. Morton, op. cit., is sympathetic and 
circumstantial. See also C. Hill, The world turned upside down, (London, 
1972), chap. 10 and (a few apt comments) K. Thomas, Religion and the 
decline of magic, (London, 197 1). 

A fiery flying roll is reproduced by permission of the Trustees of the 
British Museum from the copy in the Thomason collection, E. 578. (13, 
14), Wing, C6087. Wing, C6091, A second fiery fiying roule, 1642, (B. M. 
only), is not a separate publication but E. 578. (14). The error presumably 
results from a misreading of the broken type in the 'date 1649' on the 
title page. There was only one printing of the tract. Wing, C6092 (B. M. 
only) is imaginary. 

A Fiery Flying Roll :jl 


Word from the Lord to all the Great Ones 

ofthe Earth, whom this may concerne : Being the 

laft Wa RNiNG Pi ECE"'at the dreadfull day of 


For now the L o r b is come 
r I Informc '\ 

^°^i charge Stne Great Or.e;. 

C.4 J'udge&ndfentcrtctj 

As alfo moft compaffionately informing, and nioft lo- 
vingly and pathetically auviling and warning Lohcon, 

With a terrible Word andfatall Blow from theLoRo,^^^ 
upon the Gathered Churches. ^^__ 

And all by his Moft Excellent Majesty, dwcllifi^l^ 
in 5 and fhining through 
Ail X ILIUM P AT KIS^"^ alia?, a//f.. 

With another Flying Roll enfuing (to all thelnhabi- 
cancs of \X\t Earth. ) The Conteiics of both follojA'ing. 

I fa. 2;. 9, The Lord of Hojls (ii) fiaimng4he pride of nHglrrj, n-id bring-- 
iiig i;:to contempt all the honor.rable (perjons and things) of the L.inh': ■ 

Londoiu Londort, hoW ^ould I oathe'r thee. a.s a he/i z-uJ-^ereth her chickens 
uKiier her '^mgs, c^c. 

KnoW' thou (in thi-sthj d.'ty) 'the things that belon(T to thy Te^ic c ' ■ 

1 kKcW thi blufpl.enjj of them Which fay thej are JeW-eSy and are ;;:r, but are 
the Sjh\t^cgHe of,KeV. 2. p. jf^ti\ • ^-' - t^/^g 

Imprinted at Jlo/;;to;?, inthe beginning of that notable day, wherein the 

fecrecs of all hearts are laid open ; and wherein the worft and fouleft of 

vi:huiv.Sj nrc difcovercdjUnder the bcft and faircft outlidcs. 1 649. 

The Preface. 

An inlet injxi the Land of Proraife J the new 

MhrnptUml^^ a gate into the cnfuing Difcourfc, 
worthy o( Tcrious coofiderition. 

^!i^:^ ^ ?eare One. J^ 
-^.. >^^.-^ All or None. ^ ^^ 

Every one under the Sunne. i .^^^^^^^^u^^ 
Mine own. S- ' H 

My moft Excellent Majcfty (inmey--' 
hath flrani:cly and varioufly transfor- 
med this forme. . , . ^ xr % 

And behold, by mine owne AlmightinelTc (In me; 
I have been ch.^.nged in 3 moment, in the ttvinkliDg or 
an eye, at the found ol t^w Trump, 

And now the Lord is ^^ccndcd from Hcarcn, with 
afhoutjwiththevoyceof the Arch-angcll, and with 
the Trump of God. . , 

And the fca, the carth,yca all things arc now giving 
lip ihcif dead. And all things that CTcr were , are, o^ 

fliall be vlfible are the Grarc wherein the King of 

Glory (the ctecnall, invifib'c AlmightinelTc, hath lain 
as it were) dead and buried. ^ 

But behold, bchold,hc is now rifen with a witnclle, 
to fa\ c Zion with vengeance , or to confocnd and 
plague all things into himfclf ^ who by his mighty 
Angcllis proclaiming fwithaloud Yoycc ) That Sm 
and Ti an'^rclTion is fioiihcd and ended . and cverlaft- 
ing rightcoufnelTc brought in ^ and the cvtrlaftmg 
Gofpcll preachings Which eycrlatting Gofpcll is 
brought in with moft terrible canh^quakes , and hea- 
ven quakcsi^md with fignesandwODdcfi tollowiog. 
K^mif$. And 

The P re f ace.- 

And ir ba:h plcaied my mod Excellent Majcfly, 
(whois univcrfill lovc^ aijd whof: Urviccis pcrfcd 
frccdomcj to ice this forme (the Writer of this Roll) 
as ';o ffnall fi£^nc and winder ia.fl':(h!y Ifratl-^ "as- y.ou 
nic y partly fee io the ca^uing DiTcourfe. ' 

And now (my ocX'c ones I) evciy one under the 
Sun, I will oncly point at the gj^c; thcow which I 
was led thatrcvvCity, nc^v Hi/rni^lem ^ and to 
thcSpi:i:sof j'.ift men, made p.e. Jed, aadtoGodthc 
Judge ^>f -Ul. 

Firftjt^ll my (frcngth, my forces wfYe U'tei ly routed, 
my houici dwelt in fired ^ my fuhctandm ^ther for- 
rook me, the wife of my bofomc loathed mc, irine old 
name was roccedjperifbcd -, and I was iittcily pl'gucd, 
confumed, damned, rammed, and funke i'To nothing, 
into the bowels of the ftill Lternity ( m.y. mothers 
wombc) out of which I came nikcd , and whcchcrto 
I returned. again naktd. And lying a while thcie^ rape 
up in filcnce, at length T the body or outward forme 
being aw Ac 11 this whilcj I heard with my ontw .rd 
care ( to ray apprehcn/ion ) a moft terrible thunder- 
clap, and differ that a fccond. And upon the fecond 
thunder-clap, which, was exceeding terrible, I fiw a 
great bodyof light, like the lighi of the Sun, and red 
as fire, in the forme of a drum (as ic were) whereupon 
with ex^'ceding trembling and 'amazement on the 
flc{h,and with joy unfpc k b!c in the fpir-tj ciapt my 
hui.ds: a-.dcr) edout, Amc;jjHa!e'u]ah^H4(iu]^hy Amcrt' 
yfnd To I '}' t'emb!ine,fweirng,and fnoaking (for the 
fpaceol hiilranhouTcj c:Icngr!a wi'halo'.id vovce (I 
inwardly):rycd our,Lord,what wilt thou c^o with mc. 
my moH: excellent majcflyarderernail'^lory fin me; 
snlwcrrd^; fayd, F-.arjiOt, I will tal'e thee up into 
mine cvti!.u1mg kingdom. Bucchoufhal: (f^.f^, drink 

a bitter 

The Preface. 

abittercup,abi:rcrcup.?b:^rercup., wbcrupon fbc* 
ir.g filled wicb cvx^cdi .g amaz.cnent} I v/asthrownc 
inrocbcbellvofhrll (dndt kc whrityoacan of it in 
thcf- cxprcffio- s,thoi-gh the matter is beyond cxprcf- 
fion) I WIS among all che Devils in hcil, cvca in their 
mod biieoi-s hnv. 

^nd under all this teTOU-, a-id ami zem^nc, there 
wa<;ali!:tlerpn!kof tr^nfc-n ^cnr, cnnfpleadent, un- 
fpe.kablcglo-.y. whr h urv!ve(i,and f jflimedic fclf, 
triumphir.g, c^uking, and ATX-Icing it fc^f above all the And confounding the V:iy b'lck le/Tc of darJc- 
ncfTc Cyou muft take ir i i the^e cejrmcs , fo^ k Is infi- 
nitely b:yond expredion J Vpon this th- life was ta- 
ken ou: ofLhc body (for a feaioij and it was thus re- 
fembled , as if a mm with a grc ft bri.fli dipt in whi- 
ting, (hould wiih o^e ftrokcwpc out, crfweep off a 
p (ftuve upon a wall, &c. r.iz:i a while, breath and l-fe 
w<'s ic.iTned into the form againe ; whcrei'poa I faw 
V riou«? Oreames of Ight fin the night) which appea- 
red »o the ourwriiJ tyc •, and im^ncdiately I faw three 
hcirts 'orrhree.'ippearancesj ii the form of hearts, of 
exceeding brightn^ ife •, and immediately an innumrra- 
ble coTip iny of beirt^, filling each co:"- er of the room 
wheve I was. Aid me ihoughts there w is variety and 
di{li:-'ftion, as iftheie had be^n feverall ! e irrs^and yet 
moil flrangcly and unexp:xj?ibly complicated or fol- 
ded up in unity. I clearely fiw diffi action, divcrfity, 
vaii^ryjand .':s clearly fnvull Avallowed .:p into unity. 
And it hath been tiv f r:g ma:iv r'.nis fi ice, within ar d 
without, unity, univei fility, u-iVeruhuy, v.n ry^ Eter- 
n;.ll M^jjfty.&c And irth:svilioi, a mol: throng, glp- V'jyce uttered thefe words, Tbefyints of yiflwin 
vii'Ic*^ -rfcc?.]h^ fpirits (SrCiV/ich whom I had as nbfl)lut, 
cleurCj fail coa.munionj and in a two fold more fami- 

A 5 liar 

The Preface. 

liar way, then ever I had outwardly wich my dearcft 
friends, and neareft relations. The vifions a^d revela- 
tions of God, and tbc ftrong hand of cternall invifibk 
almightincfTe^ v/as ftrctched out upon^me, within mc, 
for the fpace of foiirc daycs and nights, without inter- 
mi (Ti on. 

The time wo'jld faile if I would tell you all, but it 
, J ^ _ is not the good will and pleafure of my mod cxcc'knt 
ing fiKwen to Ma jefty in me^ to declare any more fas yet ) then thus 
me, whi'AXf.^ ch further : That amongft thofe various voyces 
^'°r!^l^,^r' thtt were then uttered within, ihefe were fome, BicjJ, 
picsch ani hlccs, Whcre^ where ? upon the h^pocriticaU bn-j heart, (fc, 
^l;"! 1°^^' Another thuSj Ven^eance^'vcngeiWCf^'vengCAncejPlaguu^ 
ly HStcxpe- p^^g'^^^ , f^p^^^ the hihAhitans of the e:irth , Fire^ fire^ fire, 
airg lilicuid Sword^ faord^ (^c, upn &Z that bow net dcwn to etLra^H Hit 
b: fo firangr- \£fl^ univerUH Uve J Vic recever, recover m^ xvooIL T^:f flix. 
( my exceed- tT^^j wGncf, DccUre, decUre^ feare then vot thefdccs ef an) •, 
in- j cy and J ^m (/;; xhee) 4 munition of KocVs, ire. 
h'svft?cn ^^ "P ^^ LcrJcrJ^ * to LcHdon^x.\\2iX. great City, write, 

though to the Write, Write, -^nd behold I writ , and lo a hand was 
V"",^^**;^" fent to me, and a roll of a book was therein, which this 
cre*dir.,indco flcdily hand would havc put wings to, before the time. 
tberouinsof \Y hereupon it wasfnatchtoucofmyhand, & the R.0II 
vJ^h^bl^^-! t^^^^ '^^^'^ "^y nnouth • and 1 eat it up , and filled my 
rtd^, sndc:r. bowcl? with it, (£2^^.2.8. &c. f^^.^. 1,2,5. ) v/here it 
^''^r.ii^^roii was as bitter as worm- wood . andit lay broiling, and 
bill)'tH«i' burning in my ftomack, till I brought it forth in this 

cifght have a formc. <f^~\ 

newBjmc, ^^^^ ^^^^ j ^^^^ it ilying to thee, wi hmyHearr, 

with mc.upon 1 n . -' ^ ■' ' 

EC, whhta ^nd all V ■^- 

Ee, wbicbu. T(r AUXILIKM r ATRIS ^3 


y^<^A ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 


Chap. I. QEver^H (lri^.r.g€ J j!'f 
•^ :>-«<? a,',ii fe^fcr.alle 
ir.forn:::tlotss to the ar(at cr.ts , at alfo 
aft a^-^logcticall hi>:t of the Authors ^ 
principle, (^f. { 

Chap, 2, S^v:r*!l mw , (Iravge, 
jct fe^ifoKabl: ar.d good adzi'e , and 
^hclforrjC admcn'nior.s , aKd the la(} 
iParKifjg to 1 1: s great^ at from the . 
Lord. j 

Chap. 3. Scverall difmall , dole' 
ffili cryc/f c^ cut-crieo, ivhicb pierce 
the eares and heart of hii (xcellent 
/^^jv/?;, G^ ^ojr r^-f of Kings, ' 
r^^f A';;:f7- ofh(^.vfn ch if^(S the are At 
cnrs of fhi earth. 

--, - O ^"y ^" 'i ^3 't^''"* (A: ^^5 i^^' iJ^ f% 

r» ^l'' '•I-' *il-» ^l^ *■*>• Q* SC* '^ *«* ^ (ftp 


Chap. 4. //c\V thefnage of heaven 
and CATth , rcho judgeth rightott^ 
iudgmcnt, p.^^fftthfcnxcr.ce againjl all 
thfe gr^at ones, who like fiujdj 
O akes (tr tAll Cedars Veil not bovfy 
and hovp h'e intends to break} them, 
and yio'v them up by the roi>tSm, 

Chap. 5. A m-Jr co-f-.^.i-^j^Ue in- 
format ioKj and a weft is^>«g (^ pa^ 
theticall Earning ard advice ro Lon- 

Chap. 6. Aterrihle^ordand fi.taS 
blovp from the Lord up n the gathe- 
red Churches, who pyutndmofl- for 
^od, jet d'fe the Alr/Aghtj more 
then thevilij}-. 

The fccond Flying Roll. 

Chap, t. The Authr,rs CGmmiffr.n 
to v;ritf, A t err' tie Woe denow-ccd 
fiiTair-:} tkc''e that f^'-ght the roll. The 
Lords (Irdrtj to all ti iygs ; Together 
With a hint e<f a f'^ro- fold recovery^ 
^here- thrryoh the Tr^efl hypocritical! 
heart f^all b: rifTrd up, C^r. 

Chap. 2. Hcv ;/;.* LordviH recover 
hvi eutrvard tbivgs (thirgs of thu 
life ) a-s rrcney, corn, rrool, flax.CC, 
and for xahom : Avd /rtlV ihtj fljal be 
plained that detain e them iu their 
vrr>:e. JP'hrrein al''o are fr.r.-.e rr.i^icel 
hints St. ]s\'ichii:\s day, 
and the L:ri\s dry ^diorving it thii 
yearc;ac alfo of tu c.:minicall letter 

Chap. 5. A flrange, yet rt;cjf true 
jicrie , vnder ^X'hich is couch d that 
lien, nhcfe roaring fa 'I m-ti^c a'lth: 
beajj s of the fild to tremlle, and all 
the of the World attak^, 

IVhereir. alfo ( ir: pa-t ) thtfubtilty of 
the "^..'e Ifavoiti'd k^T lot u difccveredf 
and her f:fj burnt Viith that ft-e 
Which pall burndoWn uli Churchcj, 
except that of the f^f^-bsrr.e, O'C, 

Chap. 4. That the At^tkor hath been 
fet At a fxgn andvrcnder, f-^c. as rrtH 
A'. r,2'sl cj the Prophets fojwerly j <m 
alfo n. b^t [lrar:ce pcflf^rJ that divit:e 
IfiajtUie ( that dWels in hii forme ) 
hith fit theformein : with the woji- 
l}r..^'e and various 'ff^S thereof 


Upofj the fpcHfttoT^s. Hii communion 
\^ith thf fpirits of Jufl rain ma^e 
ftrfef}, And ^ith Godtke Judgofall 
h:m'd at. 
Chap. 5. The Avthors jlrange nrd 
Left J Cam'nic tcvrards great oncj^Q^ 
kU mojl loWly carriage towards beg- 
^/J"/, roa;itSyprilonTrs,gypJits^ Q-c, 
l^ogcther v^ith a large DecL<ratio>t 
"^'hfit gl'jry flja/i arifi Up from undtr 
fill thfje ap)es, 1 he moji jlrange (^ 
TKcji fecret aydte-rilf^e^jet mcjjglc- 
riotu dejigne of Gcdf in choo^Kg^^/e 
things, to coyfc:{nd.thir,gs thii are : 
Ar^dhoW, Am'-'fi terribitziallfoH- 
red cut upon the '^ell-favcff'-cd har- 
/off and hc'iv the Lord U brirgi-fig irf 
to contempt not only honourable per- 
font ( rfith .1 vengeznce ) but all ho- 
Kourable holy things alfo, 
Jrhoffome advice, ^ith a terrible threat 
to the Forntr.lijls : A»d fcatt' BA^E 
things have confcandedbafe things : 
jindho^ bafe things have been a f:- 
rj chariot to mount the Author up divine ^lorj and SiKjpeai^bl'. 
J[iajejiif:A>''dkow hii yvife is, e^ his. 
life ii in thit beauty, >^hich mak^th 
vifible beauty fcem metre deformity. 
Ch A P , 6. Great ones muji borv to the 
poorefi- peafantSy or elfe they fhall rue 
for it ; No material fw or dor kumane 


po'icer (vhatfoever) hht ths pure fpi' 
rit ofunivttfall love, who fa the tttr^ 
nail God f Can b'eakf the necke cf ty. 
ranny ^ opprijjion ^ 6rd f.bhomtnuble 
p'ide and crueL mnrthcr^ (^C. A ca* 
tcloguf of fever a.'i ^U'^gments recited, 
as jo many vrarriig-piecet to appro- 
f iatorSj impropriuton, and ar.ti-free 
ci'Tr.municai ts. 

Chap, 7. A f nether dfcovery of the 
J uhulcy of the rre 14 favoured harlot, 
v.ith a parly letrveen her afidthefpi* 
rit, Asalfothe hirrid'viL'any that 
I e: hid under her f'mooth words , and 
fxK'eet teniae ( in phading again^ the 
letter and hi fl cry , and j or the fpirit 
andm-jtery, and t.iil for her cwn ends) 
d:t(U:ic, /.IJo upon vh^t accout.t th: 
fpirit is pp.r^ and upon "^hat account 
the letter, C^c. And vfhat th: true 
comrijuniony andvrh^t the truebreum 
kina oj bread if. 

Chap. 8. Ike wd-favcured harlots 
ilo^thsfi-ript cjf, hern..ktd>uffe df' 
covered, her nofefit. Her I u^ting 
after the, y our g man vrid of unp,er' 
flanding^frcrt-i to corner, from 
religion to religion : And the fpirit 
purfui^'gi overtaking, and dcflroying 

j-f'ith a terrible thunder-clap i'th 


C.» n< »c^ kr* '•'' *•■' '•* *^ *^'' *•' '••' W^ '•■' W* £«i it«» n» 17* *»* »T» 

A word from the Lord to all the Great Ones 

of the Earih (whom this may concerne) being the 
lad Warning Piece, &c. 

1 The y^ordcf the Lordcartie exprejly to r;<r, [trying, Sonne of man 
writ! a Ro:'.le, ar.'dthcfe Morels ^ from f^fy njsath, to the Great, 
fayir'Py thus faith the Lord : 

Slight Kot this Route, neither laugh at it , leaf} ] flight you , a>:d 
caufe ^Jl ;7',e7: to pjgbt arj fcorne you -^ leafi I defircy jctt^ a^d 
hv.i^c At your AejlruLlicn, (^c. 

2 Thisi^i (ardrpith a rritf^fjfe, fome of yotijhall finde it, to be) an 
cdgd toole ; aud there's roje/lir.g W'ith it, or Uugkbtg At it. 

It's a pnarp fivordy fharpt'.edj ar.d atfo fourhifij'.d——' 

No fi-epy 'T>orniot'.',€ fbzR d.xre to creep up the edge of it. 

Tktii f-iith the Lcrd^ Tou fbjill \fith a ^i:r,e{fe , that I Km 

trCip corr^mi^g 

Ci I fj for me ^ 

ji Advi^^e ard ^ar»e \ 
''y Charge >jou,0yegy!ato»ef, 

l_d Ju^ge and fcntencc'^ 

"" C HAP. I. 

C0ot::;:2h:g fi'ver^flJlrA?:^?^ yet true and fe^fouahle Tnfcrmd' 
ticns, '0 the grcit c^^es. Asalfo anapclof^cticallhrdt, cfthe 
Ai:thcrs Prif^chle^ fiundir^ in the fronts • 

I. ^'^r^-r r-"^ Mus Osith \\\t Lorc^, 7 i-^form y^u^ th'-t 1 over^ 
tj'vV-' fit^'-^ tu-njcvytf.:-)}, cvtrturr:^ And aS the Bi- 

^-y- v^i y^if^. fhcpf, C'i^j-/^/jQnd the LordS;hsve hsd their 

i^'"''-1 r;j^^^'> tuwijcv-.r-rum , fc your (urn (lull be next 

:-^.V^ "C/. ■--. fyefurvivirg-gre-'tcnL-^} by whstNime or 

\^%r^-f\^ Ti:!e f^tver digrifi.\: rr di "tingu-fhed) who 

evt/r ^ru r,rc, inzt cp.";civ' n^e , the Etcrnsll 

God, who :i::i U M I V 1'. R S A L L Lovt; , and \:^o{z fervice 

is pcrfcd' frecdoiTifj a.nd c.i.-c L jcrrinilrne. 

B ' ■ *But 

* An Apcl(> 2 '^Bur sfcre I proceed sny further^ be it kno\y<i to you. That 
gcticall-bint dthough that excellent Mijtfty , which dwds in the Writer of 
conccrtung thisRoulj, bath recopckd ALL T HI.N C? hirnfclfe, 
^^^^'t"^\g ytt this hand (vvh'cH now writes) nev<;r drev/fword, or (hcd 
frX-'isV.c ,^ onedcop cf any mans blood. [ I am freefrooi the blood of all 
EKlvc ', bee ' tr ci^] t^l0Ugh (I Csy) all things are reconciled to me, the eterrall 
fpcik. li^iU'i^. Goi^f'N H! Mi yet fwoid bvelling.or cigging-kvclUngjSre 
the:-fnrmitivc I'^^jth^i-of them his principled 

bccaufe not^^ g^^p^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ principle , as the Eift is from the 
d^cd^y^acvcn Wi(V, or the Heavens from the Earth, (though, I fay, reconciled 
of his former to both, as to all things eire ) and though he hath more Jallice^ 
acqu'innncf, rightcGufntflt, truth, and fincerity , (hiniRg In thofe low duni;- 
ro-.v kmw his, fas they are tfteemed) then in theSunne, Moone, and all 

bim, neither , ^*• ' ' 

mud ihcyycc. toe Stars. 

3 I come not forth (in him J either wiYn materiall fword, or 
Mattock, biit now ^^inthismy day — ) I make him my Sword- 
bearer, to brandifh the Sword of the Spirir , as he hath done fc- 
vcralldayes and nig^hts together, thorcw ihs greets of the great 

4 And now thus faith tte Lord:- 

Though ycu can 2S little endure the word L E VE L LT N G, 
as could the iatcflsine or dtai Char/a fyour fcretunner, who is 
gone before you — ) and had ss live'hearetheDw^villnimed, as 
hi^are of the Lt:velkrs(M;u- Levellers) which is, and who (in- 
deed) are but fhadowes of mcfi: terrible', yet great and glorious 
good things to come, 

' 5tB:hold,behold, behold,! the eternall God,theLord of Hcfrr; 
who am that mighty Ltvdler, am comming (yea even at the 
doores) to LevcU in good earned, to Leveil to fome purpofe, to 
Levell with a witncrfe, to L^vcll the Hills with the Valleycs, and 
to lay the Mouniaineslow, 

6 High iMountaints I lofty Cedars I its hjgh time for you to 
enter into the Rocks, and to hide you in V.t duft,~ for fe^rc of the 
Lord, and for the glory of his Majcfty. For the 1 jfty locks cf man 
(hall be humbled , andthehsughtint^n^.- of men (hill be bowed 
downe, and the Lord ALONE fliall beexshcd in that d^y; 
Tor the day of the Lord o. Hoafts, iha^Lbeuponeveiy one.thsc 
is prv'ud, and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up, and he 
Qiidl be brought Iqw. Aiid upon all the Cedars of LibA>ior}, that 



ttd up, and upon ali the Oaks of Bafh-in', snd up- 
Mountairj^s^ and upon alUhe Hils that are lilted 

gre high and lifted 

on all the high 

up, and upon every high Tower ,- and upon'tvery kr.ctd Wall • 

fln;i upon all the Ships of Ta^fiipj ^ and upon all pkafant 


And the L O F T I N E S S E of man HmU be bowed down, 
and the hsughtineffe of men (nill be laid low. And the Lord 
ALONE iliall be exslted in that dsy, and the Idols he (hall ut- 
terly 23oli(h. 

And they (hall go into the holes cF the Rocks, and into the 
Caves of theEirtli, for fcareof theLord, and for ths glory of 
hisMaJrfty, when he arifwth to fhake terribly the earth. 

In that day a mar, (hill caft his Idols of Silver , and Idols of 

Gc'M to the bats, and to th^ Moles. To gdinto the Cl-frs of 

the Rocks and into the tops oF the ragged Rocks, for fc 3 re of 
th^ L.r^, a .d foftht glory oi'his Majclty. For theLord is now 
RISEN to (hike terribly the Earth, ;/:? to the end of the 

7 H'l'. ! Mountains I Cedars 1 Mighty mer^ I Your breath 
is in your noflrils. 

Thofe tr at have sdmired, adored, idol'zrd, magnified, fct you 
•jp, fought for yru, ven ured goods, and good naaie ; limbe and~ 
life for you, (lull ceife from you. 

Yn\ fna 11 noi (at all ■■ be accounted of {:\ct one of you) ye nur- 
>dy Oike) whobowe not dov/ne before eter:':all Maj-fty : V«ri- 
.ve^fa'l Live, whofeferviceis perffft frLcdome, and who hath 
put down the mighty (remen^iDcr, reir.embcr ycur fore-runntr) 
2nd who is pjtdng down the mighty fro;n their feats; and ex- 
aitin?. them of low degree- 

8 Ohktnot, (for your owne fakes) let not the mother of 
Harlots in ycu, who is viry fubtle of heart. 

Nor the B€*ft(wi-"'v:i;r 3 on) \v\ai on you call 'cfn ? TIie.Mi- 
^iilcrr, fat parfons, Vic a-?, L-.d.irers, &_. who (for their owne 
b/feends, tomain^alnc i''.cir priJi?, ani ro.npr, and to fill their 
Gwne pauiKhef, and paries) have b;.-in die chitfe inftrum.nrs of 
Jiliihofe horrid iDqn.initions, hJlKh, cruel), d: vi lifn prilrcuii- 
cns, in this Nitir-n which cry for vengeance. For your owns 
fakcs (I t2y) let pzither the one ,- nor the cth^r bewitch you , cr 
chtriT.s ycur\af^?,_ to hearc them, fay, ihcfc things {hill not btf»ll 

B a' you, 


you, tlicfe Scriptures Hul' not be fulfilled upon you, bu5 upon tne 
Pope, Turkf, and Heathen Princes. &c. 
IC:y «: p Or if any of ihirm (lioulcl (through fubtilty for their owns- 

fcafc ends) creep into the Ivlylleryof that forcmentionsd* Scrip- 

And tell you, Thofe words sre to be taken in the Myflery on- 
ly J and they onely point out a I'piritusU, inward levelling fonce 
ni.rc, for your owne Akes, I fay) believe the.-n no*. 

10 Tis true, the HiQory, or Letter, (I fpeake comp2r2ti vdy) 
isbut ssit wcrehaire-clcth J theMyftery is5neF!aK. My Bix, 
faith the Lord, -nd the Thief and the R.obber will fteale from me 
my fljx, to cover his nakednede, that bis fihhint(Te may not £p« 

But bcholi, I sm (now) recovering my Bix out of his handi 
and di!cover;ng his lev/dncfic; verbum fat—^ 

1 1 Tis truf^, the MyO^ery is myjoy, my ddight, my life. 
And the Prime levcilmg,is hying low the Mountaincs, and 

levelling the Hils in man. 

But this is not all. 

Forlo Icorr>e (fixith ths Lord) ^'ith a vCTigfay.c*, to hvsU alfo 
jsfir HoKO!4r, Richtt^C^Cto (lAwethe pricif of r.fl yoi-rrhry, ani 
to bring iKto co>itempt all tb: Houourahle \ both po'foni andthiigs) 
ff pan the earth, ^3.23,9, 

12 For this Honour, Nobility, Gentility, Propriety, Super- 
fluity, T^c. fa'h(withaK ccntradiflion) beenthe r-thsrof hel- 
lifh horrid pride, arrogance, haLighrin^.fle, lof'inine, murder, ma- 
lice, of all manner of wickcdnede and i^npiety ; yea the c::ufe of 
all the blood thatcver hath been fnd, from the blood of righte- 
ous y^^^//, to the blood' of the IjftL'.vJI-crs that wen fhot to 

j^fid r.oTv (rff / /ive the Lor a) 1 am com: to tt^xI^ in- 
for Iho^ifar m '^rdtr and pride ^ r^c, 

13 Ikz the root of it all The Axi is lathe shsrort of th 
Tree (by the Etcrnali God, Afy Self, faith the Ljrd) [ 7r!!i hew it 
donn. And £S I live, I Will phgne your Honour, Pompe, Grfst- 
nede, SuperfrJity, and confound it into parity, cqualityjCcmrnu- 
nify ; ihati!,: neck of horrid pride, mur'der, maliie,ai.d tyran- 
ny, t<c. msy be chopt oft at one blow. And that my fclTe, the 
Eternail God, who am Vniverfall Love, may fill the E^rth with 
unmrfali icve, univerf:!! puce, and pcrfed freedcmej which 



, C5) 

csn never be by f.umsne uvord or llrergth sccomplifhed. 

id VVhtrtfore bow downf , bow downe, ycuilurdy Oakes^^ 
snd tallCedsrs • bow, or by my fclf He break you. 

II; csufefomeoi ycn(oa v;homIh2vecoinpa(Tion) to bow 
&c. cTid will terribly pbgue the reft. 

My little finger (hsll be heavier on them , then my whole 
loynes were on Phciraoh of old. 

1 5 And maugre the fubtihy, and fcdolity, the craft and cruel- 
ty or he!!, 2nd tarth : this Lc;vclling (hall up. 

Not by (word '; we (hclily) fcornt to fight for any iMng j we 
had as live be dead drunk every day of the weckc, and lye with 
whores i'ch marketplace, and account thefe as good£(f^-ions as 
taking the poore abufed, trflived ploughmms money from him 
(who h almcft every where undone, and fqujfz.d to death j and 
not fo rr.uch as that plaguy, unfupportable, hell; Qi burden, and 
opprtllijn, of Tythcs taken ofi" hi> Oiculders, r.otwithftsnding 
all his honLily, fidelity, Taxes, Free quarter, petitioning ^c. for 
the fame,) u^e had rather f^arvf, I lay, then take away hrisi money 
from himjfor killing of men. 

Kay, if we might have Captains pay, and a good fat Parfbnage 
cr tw'o b:f:wes, we would fcorre to be fwordrmen, oii^^ht with 
thofe (mclily) c:rr:.ll weapons , for any thing, or againft any 
cnp, or for our livings. 

1^ No, no, v/cc'llive indcrpiteofcurfoe? • and this level- 
ling (to thy torment, O miighty man) fhill up , not by fwcrd, 
r.ct by might, cJc. but by m.y Spirit, fsith the Lord. 

Fcr I am rifen, for I am rifcn, for I am rif^en, to fluke ferribly 
the earih, and net the earth cr.ely, but the heavens alfo^ £cc. 

But here I fh:H ceaf: informing you. 

You m:y fcr your further information (if youpleafe) reads 
my Roule to all the rich Inhabitants of the earth. 
'Rcr.:e it if yoi: be wife.. I (bzl\ now sdvice you. 



C HA p. II. 

Containwg fcvcrA^ncw^ JlrAfi^c^ -jet [( a fondle A^m:r^fti-i 
$ns/nd good advice • /a the Lift w^rhing to the Grat Or^es 
of the Earth, from ths Lord, 

1 *X^Hus filth the Lord : B * wiTl^ now therefore, O yc Ru; 
P^r^cs^'kd"' A ler.s&c.Beinaruftcd,&c. Ki'T-theSunnc^&c. Y^a.kifl^ 
nunqS-Zsn-a BdgerSjPrilonejs, warmetnt.njf^ed thecn, dcau'cthem, mo- 
cft aJ Bonos n£y ihcin,rci!£ve them, releafe them, take thsm intoycUr houfer, 
mores via, don't fctve them as dog% without docre.&c. 
1 AJmonirion Q-wne them, they irtffltfh cf your fl.fli , v^urowne brethren, 
cogrcaioncs. j-q,. ^wne Siflsrs, every wMt S7 good ( and if I fhould ftand in 
ccrnpe'.ition with ycu) inTjme degrees better tlicn your felves. 

2 . G^xe more, I riy,oy;n them ; ihej'.are your fclf, make ihetn 
one \vith\oi, orcl.'cgohovylingintohell ; howle forth^mi.'c- 
ries that are cumming uponyruj 1 owLe. 

The very Th I doi7 hi leveiljng^fwc^id-ievtlli''g, man-Ievdlingi 
frighted y/>v!, (and.whc,lil-cyi;ur"klves, canbhineyou, beciuic 
it (licok yom- Kir^djfiieP ) burno w the fublcan' iality of level- 
ling ts co:nin5j. 

The Ettrnril<3od, the migfity Leveller IS comrnirg.yea come, 
eveaat th,e doocj r^nd v/hitW)!! you do in ihit day. 

Repent, repent, reprnt, Cow down, bo-.v daivn , bow , ot"^ 
b^owl?/ ref!g'-ie,orbed::,T;p,ed J Bow^ownejbowdoWi^c , ycu 
du dyOakts,acdCcditt,teJwdbwrje, 

Vcile too, and kiflcf the fr^ a^ier fnru'.T. Bow, or elfe -(by my 
felf faith the Lcrd) "lie tre^jkeycu in pieces (romeofyci?) others 
I will tesre cp -by tlie riot? ;: I will iuddedy desle with ^ ou 'ail, 
feme in one \^sy', (cmelin aiTothtr,- W.heirefcjte 
Each BtcgfY that you tTjcet 
EaU ciown bcforp PjitT:^ l^^ffc hi'm in the finer* more, he is thy brother, (hy t'eilow, fl.lhof tJfiy ffcfh. 
Tur-neoot-Wiy thi:ce\e3 from ihine own: FL E S H, Iczfl: 


IpuTl out thine eyes ind throv." thse headlong into.htil. 

g Mine fares arefill.d brim fi^ll wi:h lyer ofpoore prifc 
Newgate, LuJ£a:c crycs (ci late) are fcldoiiie out of mine esres. 



Thofe dGkfull rrycs, Br^ai, b. ciu-l-eec! For the Loi-ds fskf, plercs 

mine cart?, si d h-arr, I can no longer kr nsrc. 

Wcreforc hi-h you apj'cs to :^11 priTons in the Kln^dome, 2 Admo-.i-'on 
4 B jvv bi.f;.re ihofe ponre, rsfty, louficrssg^'d wrcfches, (?•: to great on«". 

totnem, yourhumb!?i"crv.2nt^% Sir<, ( whhcur a complement) 

we la you ao frcf, 3nd ftr ve «ou, &c. 

Do this, (or as I livefsith the L:rd) thine eye; (i\ Ual) fliaU 

be bca.-td our; and thou cirried capcive into a ftrarni L-and. 

rciTirucsndGebat-, ana to fmirt with the Ed oi \vick;dr>^(Ie. togreaioncs 
And ir.Uead thetcof. loofe the bands of wicked ncff-, undo the h;3- 
yy burdens, let thecpprcrTcjd go free , and breake every yoake. 
Dzzh thy brta i to the hungry , snd bring the pocre trarsre caft 

z thief: 5d:. he's fl^fh of thy fl Hi, 2nd hfs theft, :nj whcr-doiHe 
jjfi.Qiof thy flQ:i3iro, thine ownefl.rh. Thoumaift have ten, 
timtsmoreof each ui hinthee, then ketlm afts outwardly in 
either, Retr.cmbtr/.urn not av.ay rhine e\ es from thine OWN 
F L E S H. 

6 Give ever, give over thy midnight mifchief. 4 Admonlzlon 

L=tDr3ndinny;ith the letter 5. alone. lo^racc^s 

B2 no longer fo horridly, hellifhly, impudently, arrogmtly, 
VJid^c^, 23 to jLid;:e whzt 's finne,whit nor,v;hat evill. and what 
nor, what bla phLtr.y. what not. 

Ff.r.thcuandall thy reverend Divines, fo called (whoD'vine 
for Tyihc-s, hire, and Enoney, and fervetlie Lord Jefus Chiift for 
their owne btllyes) are ignorant of this ore thing. 

7 Th^itnnnesndtrsn'greriion' is finifli:, its a mecre riddle, 
tbstthey, with sll their humane learning csn never reade. 

Ndihcr can th y undeiftsnd what pure honour is'wrapt up In 
the Kings Motto, Hor.i Son qui Md.j, Fcr.Je. Eviil to him that 
evill thinks. 

Some there are (who are sccounfed iht offfcouring cf all 

things) who Ere Noble Knights ofthe Gircer. Since which 

thcj could fte no evPJ, thinke no eviil, doenoevill, koow no 

^L L IsRdiglon that they fpssk, STid honour that they do. 


But all you that est of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and 
Ev;]!, ard hi^ve ret vcur Evill eye Pickt out,ycu C2II Good Evill, 
and Evill Good ; Light Dirkneae, and D21 k.:it(Tc Li^ht j Truth 
Ehrphenoj', and Bhfphemy TiUth. 

Andycuareat this timeof ycur Fa;Iicr the Dcvill, and ofyour 
brother the Pi ariffe, who ftill fay 0} Chrift (who is now slive) 
fiy we net well that he hath a Dcvill. 
p Take heed, take heed, take heed, 

filthy blinde Sodomitts called Angels men, ihey feeing no 
furtherthen the for fries of nrc.i. 

10 There are Angels (now) conns downe frcm Heaven, in the 
fl apes and formes of men, who are full of the verge^nce of the 
Lord ; 2nd are to poure out the pisgujs of God upun the Earth, 
and to torn^ent ti.e Inhabitants thereof. 

Some of thefe Angels I have been acquainted withall. 
And I hive looked upon them as Devils, accounti^5t^ em De- 
vi's incarnate, and have lU.i from place to phce, to hide my lelf 
frcm them, Oiunning their compFOy j and have been utterly afiia- 
med when I have been feen with them. 
^ Butformy labcU';! have been plagued and tormented beyond 
^ fxprefllon. So that now I had rai her behold one of thefe Angels 

J Jjges 5, * pouring cut the plagues of Gcd,-cui fin^; and te:chir.g otners to, curfe bitterly. 

Nch.13.2j, And hadrathtrhccr," a mighty Angell (in man j fwearing a 
full-mcuthd Oathj t.\ ' icetb.cffintc^ Neh^r^i^h finery form 
of man, or woman) r.-^-i-rnguponanurclranf Jew (a pretended 
Saint) and tearing the haire of his head like a ofdmar, Curilng, 
and makingb'hers fall a fwearing, then h'-:'re ? z:J.lou3 Pre::bytc- 
^ Th's will rian, Indtpendeiir, or * fpiritusll Notionift.. prsy, preach, cr ex- 
comc in re- prciP 

n-^^^ou^y ^^ * Well 1 To the pure all things are pi-e.^ Gcd h:<vh clea^ 
remember that ''^d curfing, fwearlr.g, in Tome, ihit ■ ' •.: w'.irh goes t'c.v T-Vcaring 
Indcjen(!cR:y, and curHngin them,is mere gloiicu:, :htr p-sVing and 
which is now fj^ otherr. 

fo hug'd was /^.j ^,;},2j God hath cleanf'd, call rot rhcj nndeane. 
phe.-ny and And If P^f;r prove a great tranjgit. v" ot t:C Liw, I'v c:c:ng 
b:ii:illimcnc fhat which \v2s a? cdicus'as killing a n-'.r, ;if re :- : k- ■•u'-n(' '■- ugii 
»\Ms^ too ^ood heb-Toathat nrft jest that which was eotn iron ^r^; ur.{L:;-:. ^zc\. 
^'^" "• (I give lilt a hint) blame himnot, 'cawzc. Idle li"': i-p a hn;:er 


rr.:;!:il, or ptsnt 8 Iicllifl) .OrJinaiice- rr3ln[l hfm,'lcafl thcTS 

be plr-gu.d, and damned too, for thy seals, blinde Religion, and 
il.QiIy^hoIinene, which now (links a'oove ground, though for- 
WiTly it had a good favcur, 

I 2 But O thonhoiy^.zealon?, devout, righfccus, religious one 
CtVi'Toevcr thcuartj that fteft evill, or any thing unchane^ do 
then fweare, if thou dared, if it be but (lYairhJ Tit throw thee 
to Hell for it (faith tlie Lord ) and laugh at thy dtft r-uftion. 

While AngeJs (in the forme of men) fhill fweare, Hearf, 
Blood, Wounds, and by the Etemall Gcd, S:c. in profound pu- 
rity, and in high Honour, and Majefly. 

13 Weill one hint more; there's fwearing ignorantly, i'th 
C2''kc?, vainely , and there's fwearing i'ch li^t^ht, glorioufly. 

W:i] ! man of thetarth ! Lord Efau ! what haft thou to do 
v.'ifhihcTe whofweare upon the former account ? 

V.-ngeance is m.ine, Judgement, Hell, Wrath, &c. sll is mine 
(r^ith the Lord ■ dare not thou to fet thy foot fo impudently and 
iri'ogantly upon jKe Rep of my Throne i I am Judge my fdf— — 
Be wife, give over, have done 

14 And as for the latter fort of fwearing,thou knowcRit not 
tvhfn thouhtartftit. It's no new thing for thee to call Chrift 
Beel-ztbuo, and Btel-zebub Chiift j to cali a holy Angtll a De- 
vill, and a Devill an Angeil. 

15 I charge thee (in the n:me of the T'-crr/Al God) meddls 
not with e-ther, let the Tries alone, ieaft ./ou pL^ll up the Wheat 
slfo, v.'oebetoil ceif thoudoft. Let both alone (I fay) lead 
tI:ou (hculdcft happenof a holy fwearing Angeil,3nd tsLeaLicn 
fcy the paw ro ihine ewne dtftruiflion. 

•• Ncvtr W2S tlitre fuch a lime fince the wot Id Rood, as now if. 

Thcu knowtft not the flrange appearances of the Lor'd^ now s 
daies. T^ke heed, know thou haft been warned. 

id Andy;i at ver then doft, dip not thy Ijtile finger in bloci'^Adir.onltioa 
sny more, thouartuptothcclbowes already: ^iuch fope, yea cu great ones 
much nitre cannot cleanfe thee, &c. 

Much more have I to fsy to thee (faith the Lord)bjt I will do 
it fecrttly ; and dart a quiver full of srrowes into thy ; and 
I will now ch:rge thee. 



C H A p. in. 

Ccr*.:irfir,g fcverall difmdl^ doUfull crjes , and cutcries, 
rvhich' pierce the cares and hem cf his Excellent Mayfly^y 
tht King of Kings, And how the Ki/7g of Heaven char- 
geththi Great Ones cf the Earth, 

I n-^Hiis faith the Lord, Be filent, O sllflcOi, before the Lord 5 
J- be fiknt; O lofty, hau^hrj', great onts of the Eirth. 

There are fo rainy Bils cf Indidinent preferred sgaii^ft thef, 
thzt both I.civen snd earth biuQi thereat. , 

How long n^all I heare the fighs and grosnes, and" fee the 
teaFts of poors vvij'owes j and heare curfts in every corner; 
i:^i sll forts of people crying out- opprtflii:>n,cppre(nop, tyran- 
ny^tyranny, the vvcrfi: of tyrsnnyjunhcard ofjunna ura!l ryiaany. 

Orny back, my fhoulders. O Tythcs, Exciz;f, Tax^s, Pol- 
lings, &c. OL-.rd! OLordGcd Almighty! 

What, a liitle fir:gcr heavier then furmer loyms ? 

Whit have I engaged my goods, my life. &c, forf^okc my des- 
reft relations, and all for liberty and true f rccdome, for freedoms 
frofnopprcfliion,and mere laid onmybackj&c. 

2 Mineearesarefiii u brim full with confiifcd noife , crieJ, 
and outcries J O the ir.r.umerable complaints and proanssthat 
pierce ray heart C thorow and thcrow) OafroniQiirg -com- 

Was ever the like ingratitude heard of fince (he world flood ? 
v/hat / bJl friends, fare^ friends, fl.ghted, fcorntd, end that 
\vt.ich Cometh from thein (in the bafeil manner) contemned, 
Ind Tome rewarded with prifons, fome v;lth death ? 

the abominanle perfidioufneffe, falfchesrtedntfTc ; felf-feek- 
in-', fcl^-innchir.g, and Kingdom: e-dcpopukting, and devr^Jli-' 

tir?, &c, 
fi.rfc, and divers of the fame nature, are the crifj ci England, 
Ar.d can 1 any longer forbcare? 

1 have hurd, I have heard, the groaning of ir/V people. And 
now I cosie to deliver them, faith the Lord. 

■ -- "-" V/oe 

Wee be to Phitr.toh King cf Egypt. 

You Great Ones that ire no! tackt nor fainted, yoa feay Uugh 
and (ing,wIo.nthi:hittethit hittcth. And itrhallhithcme. 

And this which followeth, all whom i: conccrne:h, by wi tt. 
name cr title fo:vtrdigninedcrdi[iir!gu;fned. 

5 You mofily hire thofe fcilled L°vellcrs) who ffcr ought 
vou know) acled as they did, out of the Hncerity, fimplicity, and 
fidelity cf their hearts • fearing lead they (hculd comeunder tha 
notion of Covenint- bre:kcrs, if they did net fo sft. 

Which if fo, then were they moft b: rbcro'jfly, unnsturally, 
iielli.'hly murdered j snd they died Msrtyrs for God 2nd their 

And their bicod cries vengejncc, venjeance,!n mine ears, faith 
thi Lord. 

4 WlIU let it be how it will; th:fc* Levcl!crs ( fo cslltdj *Oncen:«rc 
ycuav.niy hated, though in outward dechr::ticns ycu ov/ned j^J'JjXicvel- 
thcfr Te;:ents as year ov/ne PrirCiple. ,^1 is'nor my 

Soyoa mcllly hate me f faith the Lord) th=o'jgh in outward pnnciplc; 1 
dechraricnsycuprofcderac, and fi^emeroownerrc, mcrethen onclypro- 
s thoufand whom you defpife, aid account wo. fe than your ^,^V"" ^^^ 
felvcS, who ^re rc;rer the Kingiome of Hc^Vcn then your [a1„l'i^"r,t5 
tclve . ^ of the Lord 

Ycu ;::vc !:"l!e.-^ Leve'lers (h cilled) you alfo ( with v>'ickcd upon Ea-tb, 
f a- d )hav iLin me the Lord oflif-%who jt) noWTif;u,'jnd rifcn «s I du;ft. 
jnd.ed, (:nd you (hill know, aid fede it vi.h t witneiT;:) to Le- 
vdl you in good errrtfl. And tohy low all highhiis., and every 
mountainethat is high, and lifted vp, 6:c. 

5 Well! once mo'c, read r«w. 5, 1. toy -Ychsve killed 

the pit- — Ye hiivekilleci, ye h:ve killed, vc have killed the 


Thetlocdcrycth in mine e5rp<;, Vengeance, vengeance, ven- 
geance, vfrg:aTte s mire, ! v;:ll recomptncc. 

Well I what will you do wi:h B^ajf , and thepoore prifoflcrs 
elfewhert ? You k;.o ,v r.o: v/ j ou do. 

Ycu litrh kno^.v u-l.-t v.'ill become of you. 

One cf ycu h:d be^ rer:tmb:r /curdrcjm about ycur Fathers 
J/,ou!e — -' — 

6 Neither do Ifo'i;!* the one hn-ndred fpent'in h-perfluous 
dirn-,s (at your laiegrcut Lo^.aa: 1 k.^ow wh-t— ) 

C 2 ■when_ 

r.' fiuPidreds of pcore wretches dyed with' hungerl 

J have heard a found in rcine' eares , that no lefie then a hun» 

ivcd died in one week, pined, and (larvcd with hunger. 

Howie you great ones,, Tor all that fcafl daiesdolej dec, hesrc 

your doomg.. 


ffcw the Judge of TJeavcn and Earth, who ytdgeth righteous 
jfidgemem ^ p.i/fith fcfitence agaifjfi allthofe Great Owes ^ 
tvho{likeOJikcs and tall Cedars) voill not boiv. And how 
he intends to bUw them tip hj thercctj, 

I '"T^Hus faith the Lord: Aii you tall Cedars, and flurdy 

X Oakes, who bow not down, who bow not down 

This fentcRce is gon^ out of my moiith sgainft you, M E N E, 

Thou art weighed in the ballances, and art found Wanting. 

God hith nuinbred thy Kingdome, and finifhed it. 

And thou, and all that joyne with ihee,or are (in the leaPt de- 
gree) acceflaryto thy fornur, or like intt;nded prankr. Hiail molt 
terribly and mcftruangeJy be plagued, 

2 There is a little fparke lies under (that huge heap of afhes) 
all thine honour, pomp, pride, wealth, and riches , wUch (hall 
uitcrly ccnCume all thic is uppcrmofi:, as it is written. 

The Lord, the Lord of Hofts , fhall fend among his fit oner. 
La xnifTe J and under his glory he (hall kindle aburning, Irks 
the burning of a fire, and the light of Jpacl fnall be fot: a fire, 
Rnd his holy one for a flame, and it (hall bur ne and devoure his 
thcrncs, an<^ his brisrs in one day. 

And fliall confume the glory of his Forrefl, znd of his fruitfull 
fijd, both foule and body (i.e. this (hall be done inwardly and 
ci^t wardly, and (hall be fulfilled both in the hidory and myPiery) 
and the reft of the trees of his Forreft (hall be few , th-t s childs 
may write them. 

And the Lord, the Lord of Heads, ihall lop the bough with 
nnor, and th: high ones of ftaiurs (liall h: hswen down j snd 


tauf^fity (hsMht humbled. And he fhill cut down the iKickefs of 
the Forrcft with iron, and L(Ut;o>i (hill h\\ by a mighty one, 
Jfa. lO. 

5 Behold, behold, I have told you. 

Take it to hesrt, elfe you'i repent every vcine of your heart; 

For yt ui: own fakes take^ecd. 

Its my hil warning. 

Icr the cryes of the poore, for the opprcflion of the needy. 
For the horrid infolency of proud^man, who will dsre to fit in 
rr.y throne, and judge nnrighteous Judgement. 

Who Will dare to touch mine Annoynted , and do my Pro- 
phets harme.' 

For thefe things fake fnow) am I arnTcn, faith the Lord, 

In Atixillum P xtrii ^ 

C H ^ P. V. 

LcyJon, Lcnhn^ my bcwtls are rolled tc^ether (I'n mc) 
for thee, ai.diny ccrDj;£n[ions within me, are kindled 
towa-d?^ thee. 

A'vd riow I onely tJlthce, th:t it wasnot in vaine thit this 
formtha h b;en brcuglit fofarretothee, to proclairr.c theday of 
the Lord thrccghout thy (beets , day and night, for twelve or 
thirteen d^yi s together. 

And that I hsvt been msde fuch a figne, and 2 wonder befora 
many of thine Inhabitants fice-J. 

2 Many of them (among other (Irange exploits) beholding 
me, fall down ftat at the cf creeples, beggers, Iszars , killing 
their feet, andrefigning up my money to them j Deing TcveraU 
timts over-emptied of money , that f have not had one penny 
left, and yet have recrultc d cgaine 

5 Aninowmyhcarti ! ycuhavc been forwardly in all the 
appcirsnccs of God, 

There is a Rrirgecne (now on foot) judge it not, leaftycube 
Judged with 1 vengeance. 

4 Turnc not away your eyes from it , leal^you •(toyourto^- 
1:;,^.t) hears this voyce — 1 wm a Stray^ffer. ay,Aye tech ^^ ncttKi, 


""' Well ! bow C30\vn before Etcmsll Majiny, v;F.o is liniverfall 
love, bow down to f quality, or free ccmrr.unity , th::tr.o more 
cF your blood be rpi It ; iha: pride, arrogance, ccvai^oufndle, 
rr.alice, hypocriHc, rclffeckinn, &c. may live no longer, Ellcl 
tremble 2C vvhstscomming upon you. 

Kcmcmberycu have been warned wiiha witnefTc-, 

Dean kearti FarcvceH^ 

c H A P. vr. 

A tcrrthk wsrd^ &nd {(^uAl hlorvfrcm the Lord^ upon iht ga^ 
ihcred churchesCfocMcd) efpcciallj u^on thofcthct ^re 
f/lcd Afidhaftijls, 

I. TJ"E that hath an care to hesirej let him hear whst thg Spirit 
-s^fjith asainft the Churches. 
* The houfc "T""' ^^j^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ • ^^' ^^ " ^° ^^^^ * Bnhaver. , who cajltfl) 
of vsnity. thy ftlfe by the nsme * Bethel , it (l^iall be more tolUnble ( now 
^Thchcufeofintheday of judgement, for T/rf and Sjdon, for thofe whom 
^°'^' thou sccountcft, r.nd CjUcft Heathens, then fcr thee. 

2 And thou proud Z«/f<:r, whoexilttft thy ielFiboveall the 
Stars of God in heav.n, (hilt be brought down into 1 cU j ic (hiW 
bemoretoUerablefor j'ci^.TwandC/^^j-'crr^/j, for drunkards and 
whoremonger?, then for thee. Publicans and Harlot?; flull, Pub- 
lic. rs and Hatlots do focner enter into ihe K'ngdcm: of Iciven, 

1*1? give thce/his fatal! blow, and leave tl t;. 

3 Thouhsfl'sfi'roLtcd, and defied the Almighty , more then 
the vikftof men fuponihefaceofihee'^r».h) and thatfomLTch 
the moJ^, by how n uch the mere thou ti! -.n upon thee the ramc 
of Saint, and afuimell it to thy fclf Oxi-ly, dimring all thcfc that 
srerot of thy S.A, 

4 Wherefore be it knowne to all Tongues, Kinreds. Kstionr, 
and languages upon earth, Tfat my mo^. Excellc .t Majtlly, the 
Vav^z orglory, the Erernsll Gcd , who d in the form-e oC 
the Writtr of rhisRoll famorg many ctl c: (Ircnee ind great ex- 
ploit? J hath i'thopen [Irects, with hishud fifrcely flretcht rut, 
his hat cuckt Uf ;his tyes fct as if ihcy vvculd f^ srkle Out^s id with 

a mighty 

amighiylocdvoyceckrgedico.ofCdjcfie?, loo. ofmen and 
women oi the greater rsnkj, and many notorious, deboift, Awa- 
ring,royfterinq roaring Cavallias (fo called) snd other wilde 
fp£rk5ofthcG;ntrv:^pd have picdaimed the notable day of 
the Lord to them, ind th:t through the ftreets of the great Gitie, 
and in South wsrk j Many times great multitudes following him 
up and down, and thisforthsfpaceof 12. or 13. dsyes: And yet 
C sU this while) not one ofthem lifting up one finger, not tou- 
ching one haire of his head, or hying one hand on his raiment. 

Butm^ny, yea many notorious vile ones » in theedccm.^of 
men ( yet of gresi quslity among men; trembling and bowing 
to the God of hcsver, ?^c. 

But when I csmeto proclaim (alfo) the great day of the Lord 
famong you j O ye carnall GcfpeUers. 

The Dcvill (in you J roared out, ivho was tormented to 
fome purpofe , though not before his time. 

He there Q-iewed both his phangs and pawes, and would have 
torn me to pieces, and have eaten me up. Thy pride, envy, ma- 
lice, arrogsnce, dec. was powred out like a river of Brimftone, 
crying out, a Blafphemer, a I^lafphemer, away with him : At 
length threatr.ingm:,andbe'ng at laft ravmg mad, fome tooke 
held of my Cloak on one fide, fome on another, endeavouring to 
throw me from thi place where I ftuod (to proclaimehis Maje- 
fticsmefiscc) making a great uproar in 2 great congregation of 
people : Till at length I wr:pt up my felf in filence (for'a feafon) 
tor the wclfavoui'd harlots confufion, &c. 

And to thine eternall fhamc and damnation (O mother of 
%vitchcrafts, whodwtllcft in g::thered Churches) let this be told 
abroad ; And kc her f LESH be burnt with FIRE. 

P I li I S. 



Fiery Fiying Roule: 

T O 

All the Inhabitants of the earthy r£ecially to the rich ones: 


A finarp (ickic, thruft in,to gather the cIuTters of the rines of the earth, becaafc 
her grapes are (r.ojv) fully ripe. And the great, notable, terribk, C yet glorious 

andjoYti-.ll)dayof thcLoRDiscomei even the Davofthc Lords Recovery and Difcovcry 
Wherein the fecrcrs of al: hc.nrs are ripped up ; and the fccict vilianics of the holy Whore, the 
^vcil-tavourcd Harlor(.Nho fforncscarnall Ordinances, and is mounted up into the ni 
ticn ot SpuKunlls; is diicovercd : And even her flcOi burning with unquench- 
able Ri c. And the pride of all 2,lory ItiinijioC 

Together with a narration of various, ftrange, yet true flories : And feVerall 

iccrc: myiteries, and myftcrious fccrcts, which never were afore wrirtcu or printed. 

As alfo, That moft Grange Appearance of eternall Wifdome, and unlimited 

Almightmcfic, in chcofing bale things : And whv, and how he choofah them. And hew ^moft 

miraciilcuny; they (even bafe things) have been, arc, ana O.nli be made Sery Chariots to i^ounr 

up I'crr.e into divine glory, and iMifpottedbcautv and majcftv. Andthcgloiy that arilVh up 

fro:n under them is confounding both Heaven and Earth. With a word (by way ' ' 

cf prefacc^^ dropping'in aj nn in-let to the new Hierufalcm. 

Thefe being fome things of what are experimented. 

hcnlc, rick ^rc", for ibc mifcrics ibit ere (juH vow) amhi upon ]ou, rhc ruP. of your plvcr 
is TJfivr up iujud^yncn igiinjiyou^ iurnivgyonrficfo U}{e f.rc^ (jc. 

tAvdncrv I ar/i cor.c to reccicr my corn, my ncclly arJ. vn fiix ^ Tphich thou hajl ( thcc- 
'i/ijhly jrJ hcggijrA)') detsivcd from mc, :hc Lord God Almighty^ in :he pccrc a:id r.cedy. 

nAlfoborclctbcuhoh H"hcrCjthouTrc!'-fi'jci-:rU Harloi : for Cjci^ jvd /, hi'>c chofen bafe to ccrfouni ihee^ and things tbit art. 

And tbc fccrcs if all hearts art v.ots receding hj my GcJpcU, nhoam a fTir^cr, and befdes 
rny felfc, to Cod, for )onr f-J^es. JFbcrcJire receive n:c,(fc. els (xtc^ that difrrMl dcoyn, 
'De'.ATt JTcr: r:c ye curfcd, I mi a fmr.ger, and jc tcotimc no: in. 

Printed in the Yecr }.$aqm 

/(an ■ ^ 


(^!' ''t> c$y t^^ <-> ($s itb /^^ t%' c- > ^*'- <''^^ ^*> r - ». ( ^* t*^,^ ^. 
C H A Pt I. 

T^je Authors Ccinmi[ftinto rvrhe, c tcrrilk p?o dimunctd. 
agdiy.^ thofe tlut pght the Rcule^Tce Lords daime t9 
^llthr/.gs • together wth a hi?it of a uvo-fcid recover jy 
ir her. through the mojl hj peer it !ca/I heart fl)Allbe ri^t uf. 

I. ^I'^Kc Word of the Lord came ciprefTcly to me, faying, 
i. \vrite,write,writc. 
:. And One Rood by me, and pronounced all thefe words 

thcetopeices ( faith the Lord J and noneil^.allbe able to de-^ 
liver thee; for (as I live) it is the day of my vengeance. 

4. Read it tTirough,and laugh not at it; ifthou doftl'l dc- 
ftrcy chec, and laugh at thy deftrndion. 

5. Thus faich the Lordj though I have been a great while in 
coming, yet I am now come to recover my corn, and my wool, 
and my llax, &:c. and to difcover thy lewdnefTe,K£/: 2. 

Thon ait curfcd with a curfr, forthou hafl robbed me (faith 
thcLord) ofmy corn, my wool, my flax, &:c. Thou haft rob- 
bed me of my T\ the?, for the Tythes are mine, O'^l.-.L 5. And 
thcL-ciiRs on a thonfand hills, yea all th_\ baggs of money, hay- 
ricks, horfcs, yea all tb:;t thou calleft chine uwn are mine, 

6. And now I am come to recover them all at thy hand?, 
faich the Lord, fori: is the day of my recovery, and the day of 
mydifco\cry, ^'c. And thcte is a two-fold recovery of two 
forrsof thing? , inward, and outward, or civil, and religiou?, 
and through both, a grand difcovery if ihe fecrets of the moft 
hypocriticall heartland a ripping Kpof the bowelsof the wei- 
fa\outed Kj riot, the holy Whore.who fcorns that which is cal- 
led propharcfie, w^:kcdnc^e, loofenefTejOr libertinifme, and 
yet h.T k'i^isthemo:hcrofvvitchcraft?,andof all the abomi- 
na Lions of the earth. 

Eul more of this hcicritCT. 

A a 7« For 

7. For the prefent,! fay,ThHs faith the Lord, lam come to 
rccoverallmyoutward, or civill rights, or goods, which thou 
called thine own. 

Chap. II. 
ficjv the Lird will recover his eutr^urd things [jhings of 
this lifc^As Moncj^ Corn^ &c, and for rvh&m^afjdherv 
tbej.fJiall hi fUgued who deta-ne them as tbeir~cwne, 
VnJtrcin al[o arefome mjflicall hints ccncerning Micha^ 
elr/iajje day^ and she Lords dij fellorving it this jear^ ^ 
a^foofthe Domifiicallltttcr D^this'jear, 

J, A And'the v;ay thatlwlU walk m fin^this great notable 
..O^and terrible day of.theLord) 0^all_ be thus, I will ei-, 
ther (ilrangcIyA' Lerfibly,to thy torment) inwardly, or els (in. 
a way that 1 will not acquaint thee with) outwardly , demand, 
all mine, and will fay on this wife. 

2. Thou haft many baggsofmoncy^and behold now I come 

as a thief io the night, with my fword drawn in my hand, and 

like a thief as I am,-— I fay deliver your purfe, deliver firrah 1 

deliver or I'i cut thy throat I 

■'Firfmefpc- 3. Deliver M y money to fiichas* poordefpifedc/^f^^/of 

cjiH rcafen DeJingj-on in OxonQ^re, whom Tome dcvills incarnate (infor 

'TcfcV i/ bcic I«^ntly ?.nd proudly, in way of difdaine) cry up for afool,fome 

tjUvced. for a knave,' and mad-rnan, fome for an idle fellow, and baCq 

rogue, and fomc f true lier then they arc aware of) cry up for 

q, Prophet, and fome arrant fools (though exceeding wife) cry 

lip for more knave then foole, &c. when as indeed , ther's pure 

royall blood runs through his veins,, and he's no lefle then a 

Kings Son, chough not one of you who are devills incarnatej 

^' have your eyes blinded with the God of this world, know it. 

4. T fay (once more j deliver, deliver,my money which thou 

baft to him, and to poor creeples, iazars, yea to rogues thieves, 

vvhores, andcut-purfesjwhoareflefh of thy F.efh, and every 

whit as good as thy felf in mine'eye, who are ready to ftarvc in 

plaguy Goals, and nafty dungeons, or els by my felfe, faith the 

lord, I will torment thee day and night, inwardly, or out- 

vyvdly,or both wales, rcvlicdc finger fliallfhordy be heavi- 

"'- " ' ' ' ' cs 



er on thee, efpcclally on thee thou holy, righteous, rcHglous 
^pproprUtorythcn myloyncs were on PJj^roah a.nd the Egyp- 
tians in time of old; you fliall weep and howl for the miferies 
that arc fiiddcnl/ coming upon you^for vour riches are corrup- 
ted , See. and whilftimpropriaDcd.^ppropriaced the plague of 
God is in them. 

5. The plague of God is in your pnrfes, barns, houfes,horfcs, 
murrain will cake your hogs, O (ye fat fwine of the earth) who 
fiiall fhortly go to the knifc^ and be hung up i'ch roof, except 
-— blading, inll-dcw, rocufts, caterpilhrs,yea fire your houfesr 
and goods, take your corn and fruit, the moth your garment v 
andiherot your fhcep , dldyounot/ee my hand , this laft 

You didnocfce^ 

My hand is flcctched out ftilK 

Your gold and filver, though you can'cTee ir, is cankered,the 
ri'.n: of c'aem is a witneiTeagainfi you, and fuddainly, fuddainly, 
luddainly, becaufe bvthc ecernall God, my fclf,icsihc dreadful 
day of Judgement, faith the Lord, lliall cat your fleflT as it were 
fii^jjanj. 5. i.toy. 

The ruft of yonrfilver, I fay, fhalleat your fiefh as it wxre 

6: As fiire as it did mine the very next day after Mkhadtho: 
Arch- Angel's, that mighty Ange), who jufl: now nghts that ter- 
rible battel! in heaven with the great Dragon. 

And i? come upon the earth alfo, to rip up the hearts of all 
bag-Lcaring Jud/ics.On thisday p'jrfes iliall be cut, guts let 
our, men llabb'd to the heart, womcns bellies ript up, rpecl?.lly 
gammer Der.?Tes, who have forfakenus, and imbraced this» 
vvickcd world, and married Alexn}:dir the Cop-pcrfmith, who, 
hath done nie much evill. The Lord reward him , i wiili him 
hiTgely wclljas-hc did me, on the neu day. after <JlUchac/thQ 
Arch- An gel. 

Which was the Lords day I am furc on't , look in your Air- 
manacksjvouil-iallfind itwas the Lords day, or els I would you 
could ; when you mud. w hen you fee it, you will find the Do- 
n+inicall letterto be G. and there are many words that begia 
with G. at this time [^Give] begins with G. give, give ^ 
give, give up, give up your houfes, horfes^ goods, gold , Lands, 


give upjafcount nothing your own, have Aix Things 
Lir.rnon,orelsthepbgueof God will rot and confnmc all 

that you have. 

By God, by my felf, faith the Lord, its true. 

Con^e ! give dlto thepocrcaj'J follorv me^r.nd joh Jhall have 
treafare in heavtn. Follow me,\vho was numbred among tr'anf. 
grenbrsjandwhofevifage was more marr'd'then any mans, 
follow me.. 

C H A p. I I If 

Afir/ingejpt mo si true JI cry : tindtr which is coachtdthAi 
Lion, ivhoje roaring fhall7?2ake ail the bcifls of thef.cld 
treMe^andallthe Kingdoms of the earth qude, Where- 
in alfo {in part) thefuhtiltj of the weLfavoured H^.rlct is 
di [covered^ and her flcjJ) burnwg with th^it fre , which 
jhall hurne dorvn ail Churches^ except that of the frfl 
Born, drc* 

1, "pOllow me, who, laft Lords day Septem. 30. 1^49. met 

X him in open field, a moll ftrange deformed man, clad 
with patcht clouts: who looking wifhly on me, mine eye pit- 
tied him; and my heart, or the day of the Lord, which burned 
as an oven in me, fet my tongue on flame to fpeak to him, as 

2. How now friend, art thou poore ? 

He anfwered, yea Maftcr very poore. 

Whereupon my bowels trembled within me, and quivering 
fell upon the worm-eaten duft, £my corps J mean J that I 
could not hold a joynt ftill. 

And my great love within me, ('who is the great God with- 
in that cheft, or corps) was burning hot toward himj and made 
the lock-hole of thecheft,to wit, the mouth of the corp?,again 
to open- Thus. 

Art poor? 

Yea, very poor, faid he. 

Whereupon the ftrange woman vvho,flattereth with her lips, 
and is fubtiU of heart, faid within me. 

It's a .poor wrctchjgive him tw«-pcnce. 


Bat my E X c E I L £ N c Y and M a i e s t y (in me ) 
fcorn'd her words, confounded her language; and kickt her 
out of hisprcfence. 

3. But immediately die W e l- f a v u R e d Harlot 
[^whom I carried not r^pon my horfc behind me] but wlio rofc 
up in mejfaid : 

, Its a poor wretch give him 6.d. and that's enough for a 
, Squire or Knight, to give to one poor body. 

, Eefides [_ laith the holv Scripturian Whore ] hee's worfc 
,then an Infidell that prov'des not for his own Family. 

jTrue love begins at home, &c. 

J Thou, and thy Family are fcdjas the young ravens Rrangely, 
jthough thou haft been a conftint Preacher, yet thou, haft ab- 
horred both tythes and hire ; and thou knoweft not aforchand 
,who will give thcerhe worth of a penny. 

, Have a care of the main chance. 

4. And thusfhe fiattererh withher lip;,and her v;ords being 
fmoother then oi!e ; and her lips dropping as the honey combj 
I was fired to haften my hand into my pocket; andpullmg out 
a (ljiiling,raid to the poor wretch, give me f~x pcnee, heer's^ 
{hilling for thee. 

He anUvered. I cannot, I have never a penny. 

Whereupon I faid, 1 would fain have given thee fomething 
if thou couldft have changed my money. 

Then faith he, God blefle you. 

Whereupon with much rcluclancy, with m'jch love, and 
with amazement [^of the right ftamp ]] 1 turned my horfe head 
from him , riding away. But a while after I was turned back 
i^being advifed by my Demilance]to witlihimcal fv;r fixpence, 
which I would leave at the ncxi Town at ones houfe.,. vvhich I 
thought he mi^ht know [^%-6;V.t hki:]] keeping back part.. 

But [ as God judged me '] T, as ilie, was ftruckidown dead. 

And behold the plague of God fell into my packet; and the 

r^ftof my iilver rofe up in judgement againft me,and confumcd 

my fieOi as with fire; fo that 1, and my money perifnt with me 

Ibein^caft into that lake of fire and brimtlone. 

And aU the m.oney I had about me to a penny [_ though I 
thought through the inftigation of my quondam M'.flrn X.0 
l:vc rcfervcd lome, hiving todc ubout 8. miles, not eaimg one 

' ■ mcuih- 

o (O 

.nc mout\\'tu\l of brf ad that day, and had drunk but onefmall 
^raught of drink ; and had between S. or 9. miles more to ride, 
^rc 1 came to my journeys end; my horfe being lame, the waies 
^irty, it'raining all the way, zrd I not knowing whst extra- 
Ordinary occafion I might have for money. ] Yet p fay] the 
Tuft of my filver did To rife up in judgement againll: me, and 
■fcurnt ray flefh like fire: and the 5. of ^^wf/ thundered fuch an 
alarm in mine ears, that I was fain to caft all I had into the 
hands of him, whofc vifage was more marr'd then any mans 
that ever I faw. 

This is a true Qory, mod true In the hiftory. 
Its true alfo in the myftery. 

And there arc deep ones coucht under it, for its a fbadow of 
various, glorious, Qtho ugh ft range] good things to come. 

7. Wei 1 to returR— -after I had thrown my rufty cankcr'4 
money into the poor wretches hands, I rode aw:ay from him, 
being filled with trembling, joy, and -zmazemcnt, fiicling.thc 
fparkles of a great glory arifing up from under thefe aOies. 

After this, I was made [^by that divine power which dwel- 
icth in this Ark, or cheft] to turn my horfe head - — whereup- 
on I beheld this poor deformed wretch, looking carneftjy after 
me : and upon that, was made to put off my hat , and bow to 
liim fevcn times, and was []at that ftrange pofturcj filled with 
trembling and amazement , fome fparkles of glory arifing up 
alfo from under this ; as alfofrom under thefe allies, yet I rode 
back onc€ more to the poorvvretch,faying,bec£ufe lam a King, 
I have done this,but you need not tell any one, 
The day's ouroyvn. 
This wasdoneon the laft Lo R d s Da y, Scptem. 50. 
intheyear 1649. which is theyear of the Lords recompenccs 
for^ion, andtheday of his vengeance, the drcadfull day of 
Judgement. But I have done [joi tbx prefcmQ with this florj', 
for It is tbe later end of theyear i^<jy. 

Cha f, 

Chap, IV. 

Ucff the Auther hath hen fet as a fi^ne and d mnier 
:ts vPtllas wojl of the Frepbcts for7?;erly. As M what 
p^nge i>oJiurjs the divtne Id^]cjlf that dxvells ia his 
firme^hath fet the forme ir)^ with the rfiefl firange and 
^iMrisus effe^s thereof tipcn the Spe^iatcrs, Alfe his Com- 
piunior} mth thefpirits of yifl men rnade prfe^l and 
mth Cod the Judge of all^ hinted at. 

I. "pT is written in your Bibles, Bs^hold I and tht; childrea 
j_whom the Lord "hath given me,are for fignsand for won- 
ders in Ifrae! , from the Lord ot Hoafts, which dwelleth in 
Mo'jntSion,//k. 8. iS. 

And amongft thofe who were fet thm,JE^ckiel feems to be 
higherthen the reft by the fhoiilders upwards, and was more; 
feraphic:.!] then his PrcdecefTors, yet he was the fon oi Buzi 
{Ezsk: I •) which being interpreted is the Ton of contempt ; ic 
pleafcsme [right wellj that I am hisbrother, a fonncof 

r.HefavvQandl in him fee] various ftrange vifions; and 
he was, and I am fet in feverall llrange poftures. 

Amongftmany ofhis pranks this was one, hefliavesall 

the hair cfthis head: and offhisbeard, then weighs them in a 
pair of fcales ; burns one part of them in the fire, another pare 
Iiec fmitcs about with a knife , another part thereof he 
fcatters in the wind, and a few he binds up in his skirts, &c. and 
this not in a corner, or in a chamber, but in the midft of the 
ftreets of the great City Hierufalem, and the man all this while 
neither mad nor drunke, &c. £«.fJ^. 5. 1.2. 3,4. &c. as alfo In 
feverall other Chapt. amongfl: the reft, Chap. 12. 5. ^•c.Chap.4. 
5.* Chap. 24. 3. to the end. This Ez^l:i{l[io whofe fpirit I am 
come, and to an innumerable company of Angels, and to God 
the Judge of all.] 

3. [^I fay] this great Courtier, in the high Court of the high- 
eft heavens, is the fon of ^/^^ija child of contempt on carth,and 
fet as a fign and wonder(as was Hc;/^^,who went in to a whore, 
Sec.) Hof. 2. when he (I fay) was playing fome of his pranks, 
the people faid to him, wilt thou not tell us what thefc things 
B arc 

are to us, t!iat thm\ dofifo, E^k: i4- ip. with the 3. vcrfe and 
fo forwards', when he was ftrangciy afted by chat omnipotency 
dwelling in hira ; and by that eternal), imruortall , In V;I. s i- 
BXi (indeed) Majefly, the onely wife God, who dwells ia 
this vlfiblc forme, the writer of this Roule, Qvho to his joy] 
isnumbred amongfttranrgrelTors. 

4. The fame moft excellent Majefty (in thisToime) hatK'fet 
the Forme in many ftrange Poliures lately, to the joy and 
refreshment of fome , both acquaintances and ftrangers,to 
the wonderment and amazement of others, to the tcrrouc 
and affrightmcnt of others; andtothe great torment oF thd 
chiefeft of the Sefls of ProfefTours j \vho have gone about to 
fhakeofftheir plagues if they could, fomc by- crying out heV 
mad, he's druDk,he's fain from grace; and fome by fcandali- 
fing, &c.andonelyone,whoml was cold of, by threats of 
caneing or cudgelling,who meeting me full with fice^^yas>lQla- 

tined and afraid to look on mcj^c. 

5. But to wave all this. 

Becaufe theSun begins to peep out, and 'Its. a good while 
paft day-break', I'l creep forth/a little) into the myftery of the 
former hifloi^', and into the in-fide of that ftrange out-fide ba* 


Chat. V. 

The Authors ftunge and loftj v^rriage UwArdsgrUtifth 
Avdhismtfi Icwlj carriage towards Beggars^ Rogues 
And Gypjeys : together vrhh a Urge dccUration vhatgU^ 
rijhdllrifc up from utjder all this afncs. The mefl firange 
fecret^ terrible^ yet mo(l gkrietis defign of Ccd^ in chof. 
'fing bafe things /<? anfound things thct Art, And how, 
A tmjl terrible 'vi al pcwred cut upon the well-favpur^A 
Harlot^ andhorvthe Lcrdis bringing into conterhpt ntt 
D7ily honorable per fons^ with aver?geancey.b{it dllJjo'norj'- 
ble^holy things aljo,Whol{ome advice ^ with a terrible 
threat te theFormalifts. B^vo bafe things haife confoun^ 
dedbafe things -^ and how bafe things have been a fiery 
chariot to mount the Author up into dtvine glory , ^c^ 
Arid how his wife is , and bis life. is in^ that beauty which 
makes cUvifibk beauty feem meer defertrfity, 

1. A ^^^ bccaufe I am found of thofe that fought me not, 
,zi. And becaufc fome fay, wilt thoanot tell us what 
thefe things are to us, that thon doft fo ?. 

Wherefore waving my charging fo many Coaches, fo many 
hundreds of men and women of the greater rank, in the opea 
ftreets, with my hand ftretched out, my hat cock't up , flaring 
on them as if I would look thorough them, gnafhing with my 
teeth at fome of them, and day and night avith a hbge loud 
-voice .proclaiming the day of the Lord throughout Lpndott 
and Southwark, and leaving divers other expLojts,,&c. It'is 
'my good willand pleafurcLonly] to finale out ahe form^ 
^ory with its Parallels. 

2. C^jf"?i'] in clipping, hi^gging, imhracing, Jdfling apoorc 
kleformed wretch in London, w-ho'had-no more, nofe on ^ts 
TaGe,thenIhavecfnthe back of-myhsnd, {[hut only twoTittJ^ 
holes in the pi ace where the nofeufestoftand?] 

Aiid no more eyes tobe fecn the^' on theJback of my Tiwd, 
-andatowards runnirrgjjjicktohimina'ftrangc manner, with 

B a my 

my money giving Ic to him, to the joy of fome, to the afrightr 
ment and wonderment of other Spe<^ators. 

5. As alfo in falling down flat upon the ground before 
•rogues, beggars, cripples, halt, maimed; b\mu,c^c, kifling the 
feet of many, rifing up againc, and giving them money, c^c. 
Bcfides that notorious bufincfie with the Uj-pfeys and Goal- 
birds (mine own brethren anddflers, flcfhor my fledi, and as 
good as the greateft Lord in England) at the prifon in South- 
wark n^&Si^ecrgci Church. . 

Kow that whic^'-rifes upfrom under all this heap-ofaOies, 
will ^fe- both heaven and" earth; the one's sfhamedyand 
bkifius already^ the cthcrreeis to and fro, like a drunken 

4. . Wherefore. til ns faith the Lord, Hear O heavens, .and 
hearken O eoj-ch. He bverturne, overturne, overturne ,. I am 
now 'flinging the pride of all glor^', and bringing into con. 
tempt all the honourable of the earth , Efa. 25. p. not only 
honourable pcrfons, fwho fhall come down with a vengeance, 
if they bowm^t to uniyerfall love the ctemall God, whofe 
fervice is perfed frcedomc) but honorable things , as Elder- 
iliips, Paftoifhips, Fcllowfhips, Churches, O.dinances, Prayers, 
&c. Kolinc{fe£,RighteoufoelTes, Religions of all forts^ of the 
higheft ftrains j^'yea.Myfterians, andSpirinii-illifts, who fcorne 
carnall Ordinances, 8«:. 

I am about my a(5l, my tlronge a<5l, my v.;orke , rny ftrangc 
work, that weofoever hearsi^f it , both his -ears '(hill tingle. 

5. lam confounding,' plaguing^ tormenting nice, demure, 
barren CMie^l.j with 'Davids unfeemly carriage, by skipping, 
leaping, dancing, like one of the ^f"ool5 , vile^ bafe fel- 
lowes, niamelefiely,bafqry,'an4^ijncovexed -coo, before haml- 

Whicli thmgwas i'.i'4«//rriitor, orelfe Ic prompted him 
to write, God hat"hchofen B a s t things, and things that ate 

defpifed, to confound the things are. — 

Well !. family duties arc no bafe things, they ^r tKings-that 

Ar e : Churches, Ordinances, Sccl are no Ba s £ things, chough 

indded Presbyterian Churches begun to live i'th womb, but di- 

■•* That'sa ed there, and rot andflink there to the death of the mother; 

life ;hin2. and child. Acnen, Notby cheDevill,buc Cby * God] it's true. 


Grace bcf-'^re meat ana after meat , are no Ba s e things • 
thefe are things that are. But how long Lord, holy and 
true, &c. 

Fifiingfor flrifeand debate, andtofmite with the iifl: of 
wickein-fTe.-'-Cand not for caking off heavy burthens, break' 
ing every yoke, £,/4.5 8.) and Thankfgiving daks for killing o^ 
menformoney , are no ease things, thefe are things tha^ 


(:<r?"- Starting up into the notion of fpirituals,rcorningHifto*» 
ry.fpeaking nothing bntMyftery,. crying down carnall ordi- 
nances, ccc. is a fine thing among. many,its no bafe thing (now 
adaics) though it be acloakfor covetonfncflfe, yea,thoughitbe 
to maintain pride andpomp; thefe are no bafe things. 

6. Thefe are thingsthat are, andmuil be confounded by 
BASE things, which^.friw/ faith, not God hath connived at, 
winked at, permitted, tolerated, but God hath e«osEN^r. 
BAS E things. 

What bafe things ? Why Aficai took 7)avid for a bafe fel- 
low , and thought he had chofen base things, in dancing 
fhanc'tity uncovered before handmaids. 

Andbarren, demure y^//r^/ thinks (for I know her heart faith 
the Lordj that Ichofebafe things when I fate downe, and eat 
and drank around on the ground with Gypfeys, and clip'r, 
hug'd and kifs'd them, putting my hand inthcir bofomes, .lo- 
ving thefhe- GipHes dearly. O bafe ' faith mincing A^icaly the 
leau fpark of modefty vvonldbs as red as crimfon or fcarler, 
to hear this. 

I warrant me, Mica/could better have borncthis.if I had 
done it to Ladies :fo.I can for a need,, if it be my will, and 
that in the height of honor and mci-jefty, without fin. But at 
that time when I was hugging the Gipfies , 1 abhorred. the 
thoughts of Ladies, their beauty could not bewitch mine eyes, 
oifnare my lip*, or intangie my hands in their bofornes; -yet 
I can if it be my will, kiffe and hug Ladies, and love my neigh- 
bours wife as .my feife, without Cn. 

7. B:it thou PrecifiaPijby what name or title foever dignified, 
or diriinguifncd, do but blow akiiTe to thy neighbours wife, or 
dare to think of dxrting one glance of one of chine,eyes to- 
wards herjifchoudar'ft. 

- . j^j. 

It's meat and drink to an Angel [who knows none evill, no- 
finl to fwcarc a full mouth'd oath, Riv. ic. 6. It's joy to Nche- 
vrAah to come in like a mad-man, and pluck folkes hair off their 
head?, and curfe like a devlll— and make them fwear by God, — 
J^chctn. II. Do thou O holy man Qvvho knoweft evill 3 lift up 
thv finf^er againft a Je\v,aChurch-member,cal thy brother fool, 
and Willi a peace-cods onhim ; or fwcarl faith, if thou dar'ft, 
if thou dolt,thou fhalt howl in hell for it.and Iwill laugh at thy 
calamity, ^c. 

8. Bat once more hear O heavens, hearken O earth. Thus faith 
tbel.ord, Ihavechofenfuchbafe things, to confound things 
thatarCjthat the ears of thoft[^who fcornto be below Indepen- 
dents^ yea the ears of many who fcorn to be fo low as carnall 
Ordinances, &c.]] that hear thereof fhall tingle. 

p. Hear one word more [whom it hitteth it hitteth^give 6- 
ver thy bafe nafty lHnking,formall grace before meat, and after 
meat {I call it fo, though thoahaft rebaptized it— ] give over 
thy linking family duties, and thy Gofpell Ordinances as thou 
calleft them ; for under them all there lies fnapping , fnarling, 
biting, befides covetoufneiTe, horrid hypocrifie, envy, malice, e- 
vill furmifing. 

1 0. Give over, give over, or if nothing els will do it,ri at a 
time, when thou leaft of all thinkeft of it, make thine own child 
the fruit of thy loines, in whom thy foul delighted, lie with a 
ivhore— before thine eyes:That that plaguy holincffe andrigh- 
teoufnede of thine might be confounded by that bafe thing. 
And thou be plagued back again into thy mothers womb , the 
ivomb of eternity.- That thou maift become a little child, and 
let the mother Eternity, Almightine^ey who is univerfall love, 
andwhofe fervice is perfcft frcedomc , drefie thee, and un- 
dreffe thee, fwadle, unfwadle,bind, ioofe, lay thee down, take 
thee up, &c. 
— And to fuch a little child, undreffing is as good as drefling, 
foul cloaths,as good as fair cloaths — he knows no evill,&c.- - 
And {hall fee evill no more, — but he muft firft lofe all "his 
righteoufnefTe, every bit of hisholinefre,and every crum of his 
Religion, and be plagued^ and confounded [^by bafe things] 
into nothing, 

Bji bafe things frhich God and I have chofcn, 

*~ ... - ji.And 


I T. And yet T llievv you a moreexcdlcnt way, whtn yo-j have 
pad this. — In a word, my plaguy, filchy, nafiy hoiinefl't^ hath 
been confounded by bafe things. And then [^behold 1 {Lew yoa 
amyflcry, and put forth a riddle toyou^bybafe things,. bAfc 
thing.^ fo called have been confounded alfoj and thereby have 
I been confounded into eternallMa;E{ty,unrpeak^ble glory>n?y 
life, my felf. 

1 2. Ther's my riddle, but becaiife neither all the Lords of the 
Philifiins, no nor myDelilahher felf canreadic, 
ri read it my felf, I'i []onIy] hint it thus. 

Kifles are numbered amonglt tranfgreffors-- bafe thiD<»s-«*-. 
well ! by bafe hellifh rwearing,and curfing,[]aslhave accoun- 
ted it in the time of my holineHe^ and by bafe impu- 
dent kifles [^as I then accounted theut] my plaguy -holinefte 
hath been confounded, and thrown snto the lake of fire aad 

And then again, by wanton kiffes^kifling hath been confocn-. 
ded; and excemall kiffes, have been m.ade the fiery chariots, to. 
mount me fvviftly into the bofom ofhim whom my foul lovrs, 
[^his excellent Majefl:y,the King of glory .3 

\Miere I have been, where I have been, where I have been, 
hug'd, imbrac t, andkfil with the'kifl'cs of his mouth, whofe 
loves are better then wine, and have been utterly overcome 
therewkh, beyond cxpreiTion, beyond admiration-, 

15. Again, Luft is numbered amongft tranfgreflbrs — - abafe 

Nowfaire ob;cds attracflSpedatora eyes. 

Andbcanty is thefatherof luflor love. 

Weill I have gone along the ft'reets impregnant with that 
chlldpud^ which a particular beauty had begot : but coming 
to the place, where I expelled to have been delivered, I have 
providentially met there a company of devills in appearance , 
though Angels with golden vialls, in reality, powring out full 
viallf, of fuch odious abominable words,that are not lawfuil to 
be uttered. 

Words enough to deafen the ears of plaguy holinefle, 
And ft:ch horrid abominable 2dions,the fight whereof were e- 
nough to put out holy mans eyes, and to itrike him flark dead^ 


Thefc bafe things (I fay) words andadlions , have tonfoun- 
d^d ^nd plagued to death , the child in the womb that I was fo 
big of. 

14. And by, and through thefe Ba $ e things [] as upon'the- 
v,'ings of the wind] have I been carried up into the arms of my 
love, which is invifible glory,eternalIMajelly, purity it felf,un- 
fpotted beauty,even that beauty which makech al! other beauty 
but ineer uglineffe, when fee againft it, &:c. 

Yea, could you imagine that the quinteflence of all vifible 
beauty, fhould be extradcd and made up into one huge beaut j', 
it would appca*r to be meer deformity to that beauty , which 
through Bas E things I have been lifted np into. 

Which tranfcendent, unfpeakable, unfpotted beautj', is my 
crown and joy, my life and love: and though I have chofen^nd 
cannot be without b a s e things, to confound feme in mercy, 
fome in ;udgment,Though alfo 1 have concubines without num-' 
ber, which I cannot be without, yet this is my fpoufcjmy love 
Kiy dove,myi"iirone. 

Now I proceed to that which followcs. 

Chap. VI. 


Credt Ofjes mufi borv te the fcoref p{A[antS) or : Is thej rnufi 
rue for it, 

I^omateriallfword^or har/fane^ower vfhatfcevcp ^ hut the 
yuref^lrit of uni'verfaU Lsve^ which is tLc cterrjall God^ 
cm U'cak the neck of tyrAnny , efpreff:r , definable 
fride^ and crnell ir>urder, A Catalogue of f: verall judge- 
vifnts recited — as fo many xvarning-fiecc. to Afj>ropri' 
afors^ Impropriators^ and anti-free'Corr^n^t'.nicants^d'cl 
xheftrongefl^ yea pure f prepriety that n:.-j plead rnofi 
privtledge [ball fudd^inly be confounded, 

1, % Gain,thu5 faith the Lord, I in thee, whoam eternalL 
.xi.Majefty,bowed down thy form, to deformity. 
And I in thee , -who am durable riches, coramiaaded thy pc- 

rifnable filver to the poore, Si.c. 
Thus faith the Lord, 


"Kirgs, Pf :ncc?, Lord?, grea: ones, miifl bow to the poorefl 
^e^fants ; rich men rr.uft fioop to poor rogues , or tife thcy'l 
rue for ic. 

This rsuft be done t'vo waics. 

Youfhall have one {h:-rt daik hint. 

r;V/. J'£^r/fn:'}V4[^inme3 bowed :o that poor deformed rag- 
ged wretch , that he mieht inrich him, in impoveriOiinc him- 

He {Lai! galne him, :jir]d be no great lofer himfelf, &c. 

2. Well ! we mufi: all bow, and bow, Sec. And M e um muft 
beconverted. — It is but yet a very little while; and you fhall 
rot fay that ought that you pod': {fe is your own,&c. read ex^^. 
2. towards the end, chap. 4. 3i.totheend , with chap. 5. i. 2. 
to the 12. 

It's but yet a little while , and the ftrongeft, yea, the fee- 
r:5ingly pureft propriety, which may moftly pleid priviledgc 
and Prerogative from Scripture , and carnall reafon j fnall be 
confounded and plagued into community and univerfality.And 
ther'-s a moft glorious defign in it : and equality, community, 
and univerlall love ; fhall be in requeft to the utter confoun- 
ding of abominable pride, murther, hypocrifie, tyranny and op- 
pre(Tion,&c.The necks whereof can never be chopt off, or thefe 
villaincseverhing'd up,orcut off by materiall fword, by hu- 
mane might, t owcr, or (rrength, but by the pure fpiritof uni- 
verfall love, who is the God whom all the world f of PapiOs, 
Protedants, P: ef by terians,Tndependents, Spirituall Notionifts, 
^Cc.) ignore nth' - orQiip. 

5. The time > coming, yea now is, that you fhall not dare to 
faj', your Giver •:■. gold is your owne. 

It's the Lorcr. 

You fhall not fay it is your own, leafl the rud thereof rife up 
in judgement againfl you, and burn your f^efh as it were fire. 

Neither (hzU you dare to fay, your oxe,or your affe ii yoKr 


It"s the Lords. 

And if the Lord have need of an afle hefliall have him. 

Or if two of his Difciplcs fhould co.T-e to unloofe him, I wil 
not ffor a locc. worlds;]call them thieves, lead the affe {bould 
Q^t ny braintt out, my bread is not mine own, it's the Lord?. 

C Ana 

"^ t^^tbgi, And if a poor * Rogue ihouid ask for it-— the Lord hath 

10 ask. ;3eei of it— he fliould have it> leaft it (hould ftickin my throac" 

and choak me one way or other. 

4. Once more. Impropriators! Appropriators! go to, weep 
and ho\v!,^x:c. favi. ^ the 7. the ruft of your .filver fnall 
rife (is rifmg up)iigain{lyou, burning^ your flefh' as ic ^^xre 
fire, &c. 

Thatis (in a A\ord)afecret,vetrharp, terrible, unexpedcd, 
and unfupporriblc p!:gue,i5 rifingupfro.m under all, chat yjou 
call your own, when you go to tounc your money, .you (hall 
verily think the Dcvillftands behind yo-j,totcaxy.ou in pieces:. 
YoLitlnllnot put bread in your, mouthes, but the cuifc {hall 
come along with it, and choke you one way or other.^All your 
former fweetsll-.all be mingled with gall and wormwood: I 
give you but a hinr. 

It's the lad daies. 

5. WeN ! do what you will ocean., know you haveteea 
warned. Ic is not fornothing, that I the Lurd with a llrong 
wind cut off (as wich a fickle) the fulkH, faiitfl ears of corn 
this harvefl, and drop'c them on purpofs for che pooie , wlu> 
h?.d as much right to then7, as-thofe'tbat. (ii-ripudentiy ^ujd 
wickedly, thcevifhly and hoggifhly) ftile. themfelves^the-OH^ 
nersof the Land. 

6. It's not for nothing .that fuch various ftrange kinds of 
.worms, grubs, and caterpiilars (jnyflrongho^i, faich the Lord 
of KofbJ have been fent into fame graiae : Neiiher.isic vain, 
that I the Lord fent the rot among fo many fhecp this lift 
yeer ;. if ihey had been refign'd to me, and you had kept axrue 
communion, they had not been given up to that plague. 

7. It's not in vain that fo many towns and houfes have been 
lately fired over the heads of the Inhabitants : Neither is it in 
vain, that Ithe Lojd fired the barning and ricks of a Lliferia 
yVorcefterfhirc (this yeer) the v-ery. fame day that he brought 
in his own,as he accounted it. 

On the very fame day (I fay) his barning and ricks were fired 
down to the very ground , though multitudes cf very expert 
Jnen in the imploymenr canae to quench it. 

Of this the writer of thisScroule wasan eye-witneiTe. 

8. Impropriators 1 Appropriators 1 J^ifcrs/a faiivvaiTiing.- 


More of you fliall beferveduich thefaire fawce 
, Others of you rie deal wiLh:il in another way more terrl- 

bic rhcr. tnis, faich the Lord, till you rcfign 

Mii^rsl 'ipeciaily you holy Scripturian -MifVi^, whcnyou 
would fay grace before and after meat, read ?^n;fj 5, i. to 7. 

Chap. VII. 

A further difcevery of the fukilty of the rcel-favout'd 
Harlct^ mih a. PArlcy hctffctfi her at/dthe Spirit : As 
alfo the hcrnd inllany {that lies hid under her fmmh 
rvcrds^ infleadi^ig againji the Letter and Hijlcry ^ and 
fer the Spirit and CMjfcry^ and all for her orvr^e ends) 
dcte^fed, Alfo upon j^hat aicou»t the fpiritis fut^ani 
upcr. v:hat account the Letter, <^lfo what the true Com- 
7?iHm^i and vpkat the true hreakifjg $f bread u* 

I. T>Uc"now ne thinks (Lythis time) Ifeeabrislciprucc, 

J3neat, felf-feeking, fine Hniking fellow, (who fcornes to 
be either Papiftj Prorefiantj Presbyterian, Independent, or A- 
nabaptift)! mean the Man of Sin, who worketh with all de- 
ceiveablencHe of unrighteovfnefle, 2 77;^y72. 

Crying down ^carnail ordinance?,and crying up j- the Spirit: *Dov%ne they 
cunningly fecking and fetting up hirafeif thereby. ^^^3 but no 

I fay, I fee him , and have ript ^p the very fecrets of his ^^^.^ rohiai. 
■heart (faith the Lord) as alfo of that mother of mifchtef , that )^^^ 'l^^^^ 
wel-fav6ur'dH:rIot,who both agree in one, and fay on this to him. 
wife to me. 

:.* Ah! poor deluded man, thou haft fpoken of ihe Wifdome 

* of God in a n:^ flcr}', and thou haftfeen all the hiftory of the 

*Ofool ! who hath bewitcht thee, art thoufofoolifh asto 

* beg,in in thi '; :r!t,and wilt thou now be made perfed in the 
' F-ttTi? keep ih.c to the fpirit, gohotback to the letter , keep 

* thcc to the myxlery,go not back to thc^ hiftory, 

'What? why doll: talk fo much of J.iTr,(s'). and Hcfeaz* 
"^ thcfe words ure to be taken in the My ftery,noc in the Hiftory: 

C 2 *They 


*They are to be taken in the Spirit , not as they Hz in the 


Thus you have a hint of the neat young mans, and. of the 
^YcII- favour'd Harlots language. 

3. But now bcholu I am filled with the Holy Ghofl,and am 
xdoWdZ^lcls i3.S,95&t.] to fee mine eyes on her and hin>, 
(who arc no more twaine,bur one) and fay i 

'Ofuliofalifubtiky and mifchicf, thouchild of the Devil, 
*th0u enemy of all righteoufneHe, wik thou not ceafe to per- 
<vert the right ways of the Lord? 

' Be it known to thee, 6 thou deceitful! tongue , that T have 

* begun in the fpirir, and willend in the fpirit: lamjoyn'd to 
*theL6rd,andamonefpirit. The fpirit's myjoy, my life, my 
*ftrengthj I will not let it go, it's my delight. 

* The m\ ftery is mine, [^molHy] that which I mofl: delight in, 

* that's the Jewel. Thehiftorie's mine alfo, that's the Cabinet. 
*For the Jewels fake I wil not leave the Cabinct^though indeed 
' it's nothing to me, but when thou for thine own ends,ftand'ft 

* in competition wiih'rtie for it. 

* Strength is mine, fo is weakneffe alfo. 

4. 1 came by water and blood, not by blood onl3rj but by 
blood and water alfo. 

The inwardneflc is moftly mine, my priine delight is there,; 
the outwardneffe is mine alfo ^ when thou for thine own ends, 
Handcft in competition with me about it, or v>hen I would 
confound thee by it. 

5. Iknow there's no^ Communion to the Communion of 
Saints, to the inward communion, to communion with the fpif 
rits of juftmen made perfe<fl,and with God the Judge of all. 

No other Communion of Samts do I know. 
And this is Blood- life-fpirit-communion. 

6. Bat another Communion alfo do I kno w,which is water, 
and but water, which I will not be without ; My fpirit dwelk 
with GodjChe Judge of all, dwells inhim,fups with him, in.him, 
feeds on him, with him, in him. My humanity rhiU dwell with, 
fup with, eat with humanity ; and why not [fo: anced^ with 
Publicans and Harlots .' IVhy fhouldl turne away mine eyes 
from mine own fltih? Why iliould I not break my bread to the 
hungry, whoever they be ?lc is written, the Lord takes care of 
O'^cn.. * " " -- . . j^^ 


Andvi^henUn ^cho:::^;!!:.: -'2 creit: c-ie ofm^ Korfe, to 
feed him,dreriC-^i:n-ij\va:cr him and provide for him. 

Ard is no: poor A/^.ul of Dedington, and the word rogue 
inNe-gaie, orthrarrantefi chief or cnc-purfe fane betcer, 
then a ico. Oxen,or a iogc. fLKhhorfes as mine? 

7. Do I i^Vx care of my horfe. and doth the Lord take care, 
of oxen? 

And a.all I hear poor regimes inNevvgatc,Ludg3te,cry ^rf^^^, bread, j:r tl:e Lords f-.kf ; and ihall I not pitty them, and 
relieve them ? 

Howl, howl, ye nobles, howl honourable, howl ye rich men 
for the milerics thrt are coming upon you. 

ForoiirparcSjWethat hear [he Apostle preach, will 
alfo have all things common- neither will we call any thing- 
that we have our own. 

Do you Qf you pleafej till the plague of God rot and con^ 
fume vvh-t you have. 

We will nor, v^ctl eat our bread together in fuigleneile of 
hearCj wce'l break tread from houfe to houfe. 

Ch-a p, VIIL 
r/;^ :vel-f&v$urcd Harlots cb^ithsjiri ft eff^ her 77akedneffe 

uncevend^ her tiofe [lit^ her huming after theymnz viAn^ 

'void cf under (lahding^ from cor7::cr toccrner^ from Re- 

ligior. 1C Rdtgior'^ arJthe S fir it jurfuing^ evert aki?7g^ 

find de(lrfji?^g her , with "a terrible thrmder clap tth' 

clefe^ &c, 
I. K ^^ ^ve wil drip ofFthy cIcaths,who haft bewitch'c u.< 

JTI^^z rjc thy not ihoj wcl-favouted Harlot, who had (a* 
inm::ny ihingr/o in this)madc the Nations of the earth druuk, 
with the cup of thy fcrhicacions: As thus. 

Thou haft come to a poor irreligious wretch, and told him 
he mull be of the fame Religion as his neigh JOurs,he mnft go to 
Church, hear the Minifler, &c. and at Icai't once a year puc oa 
hi?b:;flc!Q-:r, and receive the Commr.nion-— he m.ult eat a 
bit of bread, und drink I fip of wine — and then he hath recei- 
ved, ^cc. he h:itn been at the Communion.' 

r . Cut v»hen he finds this Religion too courfs for him, and hci 
tvou'.dfainc make aft^r another, 
"~ " " Th-Q 

Then irrrmcdiitely thou huntefl after him , roUowing him 
fr om Rreetto (Iteet, from corner to corner, from ^toffe Pro- 
te funtifmeto Puritanifme, & length from croSe inbapdfr 
m e, and Common-Prsyer-Book to Presbyterianifme, where 
t h ou telleft him he may break bread,with all fuchibel levers, who 
be iieve their horfesatid their cowes are their own; and with 
f ch believers, who have received dif^rent light from, orgrea- 
t er light then themfelves ; branded with the letter B. banifhed, 
ot imprifoced fourteen weeks together, without bail or main- 

5. And here I could tell a large flory, that would reach as far 
as between OxonQiire and Coventrey. 

Cut though it be in the original copy, yet it Is my good will 
a nd pleafurejOut of my great wifdome, to wave the printing of 
it,and I will fend the contents thereof, as a charge and fecrec 
pi ague,fecretly into their bteafts, who muft be plagued with a 
ve ngeance, for their villany againft the Lord. 

Well I to return from-this more then needful digreflion,to 
the difcovery, and uncovering of the wel-favoured Harlot, 

Thou haft hunted the young man void of underftandingfrom 
corner to corrier,'froni religion to religion. 

We left him at the Presbyterian — where fuch a believer, 
who believes his horfes and his cows ate his own, may have his 
child chriftned, and may himfelf be admitted to the Sacrament 
—-and come to the communioa. 
Andwhats tha't f 

Why afcera confecrationin a new forme , eating ti bit of 
breaid, and drinking a fip of wine perhaps once a moneth^ why 
mother of mifchief isthis Communion ? 

O thou flattering and deceitfuU tongue, God fhall root thee 
out ofthe Land of the living, is this Communion ? no, no,mo* 
iher of witchcrafts/ 

5. The true Communion amongft men, is to have all things 
common, andtO call nothing one hath, ones own. 

And the true externall breaking of bread, is to eat bread to- 
gether in fingleneffe of heart, and to break thy bread to the 
hungry,and tell them its their own bread ^.els your Religioa 
isia vain; 

6. And by this time indeed thon fcdft this Rdigioti is In 
yaiiw And 

And wilt thercFore LTe thtt to ano:hcr,to mt^ to In^epcn(Jency,an3 £-oni 
thence perhaps to Aiiib:iptirmc fo called. 

And thither the wel-favour'c Harlcr v.ill follow theC; aod rayihou..mu3: 
be very iioly,- very ri2,h:cou£, veiy rcHgious. 

All othc*: R.eligions are vaic, 

AaJ ai! in the PariiL, all in the Coantrfy, yea ail in the Kingdorrtf ;, z.\\^ 
all in the wcrld [who are not of thine opinioa] arc .vi'itbout,aie of the world. 

Thou, aad thv comrades are Saints. 

and -walk- in -Gof- 

pcU-O.di nances [ijaich the vei favcur'xl Harlot] a.y ..".ad. in cn\ry,' "milxcv, 
pride, covetoarneflc,evill farmiiiug, ccnCoriaafncfle, &:c. aHb. 

And on the hrll day of the week;, when tlie Saints meet together,^© break 
breadj A':^ not thou omit itaipon pain of damnation. 

By no means omit itj becauic thou hail Golpell Ordinances in the purity 
of them. 

- Popifts — they give wafers. — - 

Picrcilants-.'elve- -to alHtk'iPariiTj tagg ragg, ani his-Jeilow it the/ 

B'.it -A-e are called out of the woild, none fliall break bread with us^but our 
fclves. [the Sain'S ropcther, who arc in Gafpcll. Order."] 

B.lides thv: Pii^ih of England cut their biead into iitrlc fouare bits , but 
\vc break our bread [according to the ApoltolicallpraAife] and tW$ is -the 
iJih: breaking of bread [faith the wcL.favoiu'J Harlot.3 

'Who ha:h Ircpt into this holy, righreous Gofpcll, religious wafj -[GofpeJ- 
O.diaarices fo called] on purpoi'eiodaJh to. pieces 'the vtgiU brcakin*^ of 
brc?5 -: 'and ia.tbe room thcreuf thruliing in .this vain Religion. 

7". ARcngion wherein Lz/f/'/errcignts, more thcnin any. 

And next to this in the Independents [(o called] both which damn to th? 
pi: ofjiclij.thofethat arc a lOO. times nearndie itingdom; of heaven then 
rhemfi-lves : fia:terlng thcmfclves up iniJiis their vain Religion. 

Bjt take this hincfcifeM: l-kavlthcc. 

He that ha:h this worlds-good^yon'l iceih iiis brother- intrant, and fcuttctb 
V4> tijebovvcllsof con-.p.inioaJromhimj the love of God dwcllcth • net' in 
bim ; this mans Religion 19 x\\ vaitu 

His Religion is in vain, that fecth his brother in want, &c.: 

Hs broiher— — a bcggarj a lazar, a cripple, yea a cat-pucfe, a thief itb* 
goal, &c. 

He that fecth fuch a brother, flelb of his fleOi [in want 3 ^tid -fkurtctb-cip 
-the bowels of his co r.pallLjn from him, the love of God ttw-ellcrh iKjrin hiruj 
bis Religion is in v?,in : and he ncvei: yet broke bread— ————that hatb 
not turgor his [wchwz.] 

9. Th: true breaking of breads— —is fromboufe t^' houfc, 5:c. Nagh-* 
boiirs [in finglcncfic ot heart] laying if ; havcan_y bread, &<;. it's thine,, i 
will rici call it mine own, it's coinraotv 

Thefc are true Communicants, arid this is the tr-u'e ,brea'4ng of breai-a« 
mong men. 

10. And wliat^Tioac knOWybut thofe tha: arc continu- 
ally [ not weekly] buc daily at it^ " " " "" Aiid 

An3 what t!.c -rue Con\municn is, : hcic 2nd t^iofe only know , 'vtio arc 
cctr.e :c the fpirics of j aft men made pcitccb, and to God the Judge of all j 
jlIJ Religion is vain. 

/ly/iith the wcl-favour'd Harlot [inthcycung man void -of uaderftan- 
ding]I fte Piotcllar/arm.PrcsbyteiyjlndepcndcncyjAnabaptirmj are ail vain. 
Tluie coverings ave too fliorc, too nai-.ow, too couiTe for mc"i rbc Sncft of 
KhcCc aic bu: harden fhcets, anji very nir.owonc-s alfa. 

I'i irct me feme flax, aiw make mc both fine aiiti large flicetSj &c. I'l fcora 
carnali OrdinanccE, andwalkin the Spirit. 

Ay, CO [izich the wel-favour'd Hirlot] fpeak nothing but-myflery, drink 
nothing but wine, bu: bloud, thou need u not eat flel]\ Sec. 

i;. And fo my young man' ftarts up into the nori-.-n of fpiritnalis j and 
vvra^s rp adcal of hipocalie, malice, envy, deceit, dittimulaaon , covetouf- 
nciTc, fclf-fceking in this fine linnen. 

Being ahimdred fold vvorfc Devills then before. 

B_: now thy villanie, hipocrifie, and fclf-fecktng is difcovering, yea disco- 
vered :o many with i witnefle. 

And though the u-oe and rurc levelling, is the cternali Gods Icvdiuig the 
Mountains, &c. in man. Which is the 

Blcud -Life-Spirit levelling. 

Yet the water, or weak levelling, which is bafc and fooiifti, fltati confound 

And hereby, ('as alio by fcvcrall other lirangc^jdes, wbich'thou art Icali 
of all acquainted withalL I'l dilcover thy Icwdncflb, and (htw the roftenncfie 
of thy heart. 

I'l call for all to s mite, tolse o{i into the outward trcafury. 

And wU bid thee lay down all at ray feet, the AjJofile^^the Lord, Anitbis 
is a way thai I am now again fctting up to try, judge, ^^d damne fbe wcl-fa- 
Tfoiir'd Harlot by. 

Cafi all into the Treafmyj&C acojom nothing thine ownc, ha^-e ^ll" things 
4n common. 

The yoimg man goes away very forrowfull,— — &C. 

The wcl- favour d Harlot (hrugsat this.— — — 

J 5 . When this cometh to paflcja poorc wretch whofe very bones arcgnawn 
■with hunger, fliall not go about 13. or 14. miles about thy buf.nefTcj :3ind 
thou for a reward, wfccn thou halt hundreds lyirie by thee. 

I will give thee bur one hint more, andfo will leave thee. 

The dreadful day of Judgement is ftcaling onxbcc, v. i:hi;i thcfe few hours. 
Thou haft fecretly and cunningly lien in wair,thou haft c ; aftily numbered me 
amongft tranfereflbrs, who to thy exceeding torment, am indeed a friend of 
Publicans and Harlots. 

Thou haft accounted mc a devil, faith the Lord. 

And I wil rot thy name^ and make it ftinfc above ground , -aiva make thy 
folly maruieft to all men. 

And becaufe thou halt jadge<I rac, I wil judge thee (with a witncfTe ) ex- 
?c ^ it Cudd^inlv, fauh t he Lord.